Understanding [email protected] for the PS3

Through an interview with some of the key players in the development of [email protected] for the PS3, GamePro sheds some light on what the program does, how it came to Sony, and the future of distributed computing on the PS3.

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achira5243d ago

interesting read. i dont understand what cell simulates, in other words i dont understand what cell makes. would be cool if someone would explain me what the cell computes and what the ps3 displays, i mean this ...

Ps30075243d ago

No need for an article they have a help and faq on their website that explains everything

VirtualGamer5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

What your doing is running simulations of protiens folding. This is something that occurs in the human body all the time. However sometimes when these protiens fold they mess up and that's what scientist suspect is causing things like cancer, and other diseases. Thus by running simulations of protiens folding under certain situations they can look for and hopefully identify what is causing the protien folding to mess up. Once that is identified then they can use that to then find ways to stop it from occuring and thus cure the disease that is caused by misfolding protiens.

Merovee5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

What the CPU's of [email protected] are tasked with is calculating over time the trajectories of the molecular structures of proteins to calculate exactly how a protein folds itself. When it's all finished for every frame of the fold of any given protein strain, they then have the entire process of the proteins folding motions as well as the final configuration of said protein. This can be used to identify the exact purpose of said protein as well as give them insight to how a minor difference in a Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) sequence my cause an improper fold. It allows them to see any "mistakes" that occur and gives them a visualization of what is different about it so in the future a drug and/or gene therapy could be tailored in a specific manner to a number of different diagnoses that have a high genetic connection (i.e. Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's ect...)

VirtualGamer5243d ago

As some of you may or may not know there are actually teams for the [email protected] project. I decided since this is my home for PS3 news and info that it would be cool to start a team. Lets see how well we can do as a team! I thought it would be a good way to promote the site and help strengthen the PS3 community here with us all on a team.

If your interested in joining the team all you need to do is once you start [email protected] press the triangle button and then select identity and then change team. The team number for is 61588.

You can view the team stats here.

ASSASSYN 36o5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

How about sony fold out some good games! Resonse to below. So! I still say fold some games out.

techie5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Ok over reaction. but still poor poor poor.

scarlett_rg5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Lol @ Assasyn!... that's pretty funny, but just uncalled for in comments section for an article displaying how the PS3 is being used to help humanity.

Still funny though. :P Just not the right place for it.

VirtualGamer5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

I would not mind however I have found it best to just ignore people like this because all they are doing it for is a reaction and if you give them that reaction it only end up encouraging them to do it more.

At least we have the bubble system and the ignore fuction now so its alot better then it was.

ps3605243d ago

you are the poorest example of even the laziest human being. does it not concern you that this might actuly save some ones life.

p.s i've had a family member die from cancer

scarlett_rg5243d ago

Before everyone busts a nutt over Assassyns comments...

He's not bashing folding in general, or folding on the PS3, or anyone who runs it to help where they can.

It's just a typical shot at the PS3 and its current lack of high-calibre games... with admittedly quite humorous use of the word "fold".

But as I said before, this just isn't the place for it.

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BIadestarX5243d ago

I think it would help better if people mail a check to these research centers and it would help more. But it's also great to have alternative ways to help find cure. It's obvious many people [forget] to donate to these research orgs. so having consoles to this it's a great Idea. Help is help no matter how we put it.

techie5243d ago

Of course money helps blade...but money can go astray.

Also there is no way that they could afford to buy the amount of ps3's that are on the market...and will be. Think how much it what cost...millions and eventually billions. The only way they can do their research is on seperate CPU's blade...they have only been able to get results on PC's, as supercomputers can't cut it. Having PS3's on board can reduce the research from 10years to 10weeks.

tethered5243d ago

Who's to say they aren't sending money too.

OldSchoolGamer5243d ago

Even when you write all positive things they still want to argue with you lol. It is a good thing and kudos for pointing out they appreciate both the cpu time and donations, help these people with a worthy cause in every way you are able.

Goldy think they might add [email protected], both of these programs have been on the PC for awhile now, and should be looked into for whatever hardware you own, as your PC can work miracles too.

goldy5243d ago

How easy would something like this be for the 360 to adopt? It seems like Stanford has laid out a pretty strong basis for applying their folding basis to anything that has a CPU. Why would MS add this functionality? Or have they already?

12Volt5242d ago

If the 360 got in, it would get pwned by the PS3, I don't mean to sound like a fanboy, but it would not be a smart marketing move for Microsoft to join competitors in something they are clearly superior in thanks to the Cell and its billion dollar research paying off like this.

Hopefully games get to use this beast in the long run, I give it 3 years before we start seeing a marked difference in graphics from current PS3 games.