TSMC has to improve 40nm or ATI/nVidia are gone!

BSN: "Hot on the heels of stories from last week, it looks like TSMC is in serious trouble with two of its key customers. According to information we have, both ATI and nVidia are "seriously disappointed" at Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. I had couple of conversations this weekend with people that are in the know on the subject, and learned that the situation is looking gloomier than first news lead us to believe. Leaking issues are a standard manufacturing problem that can happen to anyone, including Intel [does anyone remembers Prescott e.g. PressHot].

Problem that both ATI and nVidia have is the fact that in the case of CPU manufacturing, AMD and Intel will have it "easy". Processors will almost always be configured in a vertical position, so the thermal load will go to upper part of the package. With GPUs, they're almost always positioned at the worst possible spot - facing downwards, with any thermal load pushing not just the chip packaging, but the PCB [Printed Circuit Board] as well. Chip packaging usually does not fail [nVidia's GeForce 8600 series is the only case to date], but PCBs such as graphics cards or motherboards - do fail."

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