NZGamer: Guitar Hero: Metallica Review

NZGamer writes: "If you're a fan of Metallica and already own Guitar Hero: World Tour, this is a must buy. There's a load of unlockable costumes, personalised guitars and trivia, performance footage and 'behind-the-scenes' videos of the band hilariously decked out in their motion-capture leotards. If you're new to Metallica, this is a great introduction to classic metal, and a showcase title for Neversoft, who have really begun to ride the lightening".

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Soldierone3811d ago

Once you get over the "WOW ITS METALLICA" feel...the game sucks. Give it a 7...There is no point to it, you can play the story mode but why when all the songs are already unlocked? Let alone the gameplay is crap compared to Rock Band releases. Just my opinion and im a huge MEtallica fan so of course i bought this, even though im a rock band fan. You know give GH a chance its been a while! Nope still sucks and went back to rock band already.