Gamestop and Eb Games won't take Elite Pre-Orders

GameStop and EB Games will not be taking pre-orders for the upcoming Xbox 360 Elite. The decision not to take pre-orders apparently stems from an uncertain number of consoles being allocated to each store. EvAv notes that there is no confirmation about whether or not customers will be able to pre-order the fabulously expensive 120GB hard drive.

So, if you want to snag an Xbox 360 Elite, you'd best be prepared to wait in line for one. Well, that or you could pre-order it somewhere else.

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likeaboss3024761d ago

I don't seen mad lines of people trying to get the system on release. I'm sure they will sell out though but not anything like the launch of the system.

Ps30074761d ago

Sorry but that 1 year lead is now gone, ya'll havent even launched your full lineup of consoles... Im still waiting for the sku with HDDVD and Wifi and rechargable batteries..

Robotz Rule4761d ago

I'm lucky!,my Xbox 360 has not had a problem since lauch,if it ever does(which I know it will)I'll buy the Xbox 360 Elite minutes later!!!

uxo224761d ago

Why is the drive considered to be "fabulously expensive"? I mean the 20 gig drive has been purchased at 99.00, so why would getting 6 times the space for less than twice the price be considered "fabulously expensive"? I guess it's just something else to B!tch about.

vidoardes4761d ago

It just shows how incredibly ridiculous the price is for the 20GB hard drive. 1st party peripherals have always been expensive, but that is just taking the mick.

uxo224761d ago

I agree with you, the 20 drive is definitely over priced (extremely) And the 120 is too, when I was really commenting on is the adjective used to describe the overpricing. Currently you can get a mid-quality 120gb 2.5" HD on newegg for 90 bucks. If you throw in the packaging, and a bit of a profit for MS, the price of the new 120gb HD should come in at about 130.00 - 140.00.

However, you're right the 20 gig drive is grossly overpriced. But notice, no one actually complained about it. (Strange)

Marriot VP4761d ago

Don't you guys get it?

The HDD's are super expensive because Microsoft DOESN'T WANT YOU TO BUY THEM. All they want is for more units to ship. If people trade in their 360 premiums or sell them that means that more people get lower priced consoles. It's win win for them.

If you buy the 120gb seperate your a sucker. I'm sticking with my premium + VGA 1080p

forget_1234761d ago

I am in canada so the currency i listed is Ca $ . (the following price is from one of the shop i usually buy stuff)

250G 8M 7200rpm (3years warranty) $79

= =... i can simply upgrade ps3 harddisk with something like that.. then can you tell me why 360 still has to sell their 20g 99$ and 120G 180$ ? .. any why you think it's reasonable price?? = = .. it's like the biggest rip off... well um.. say you got pre loaded os and stuff.. well.. they are downloadable, and transferable from original HD so.. um.. where is the value added?

uxo224761d ago

Value Added is simply customer determined, Why do people pay more for a Chevy Tahoe than for A GMC Yukon, they are the exact same vehicle. Is it because they want the chevy name? Who knows, why does Nikon brand lenses of the same quality cost more than sigma....brand.

Almost any company with a big name is going to make you pay for their name.

But I have the answer. I don't own a standalone blu-ray drive because they are currently too expensive. One could argue, how does Sony manage to put a Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 at such a great price especially since if comes packages with a game console. Yet their standalone model is so expensive. Well...the answer is, the damn thing doesn't cost that much to manufacturer in the first place.

They are all ripping us off, just find the rip-off that you are willing to accept give up your hard earned cash and move on!

forget_1234761d ago

but that's why the ps3 allowing us to have the "option" of using our own standard ide is such a great idea.... ripping "lesser" than force u to get a "brand name" harddisk when u need to.

well lol... it doesnt matter to me yet... i am far from considering for such option just yet.

just some thought :)

hopfully by the time i can purchase one of these system, their price is more afordable for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.