Microsoft confirms Windows 7 launch by December

Raise your hand if you're surprised-especially after RC1-but Microsoft's finally confirming that Windows 7 will launch this year, "in time for the holiday shopping season." Vague, but it's something. Still, what about back to school?

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sonarus3815d ago

Most companies rejected Microsoft Vista as soon as it came out. If companies give it the OK i will be buying a new laptop in December...if not, i will have to go with apple which isn't really something i want to do but i have gone thru too much trash with this vista

Kakkoii3815d ago

Why would it matter what the companies think?

The only real reasons it didn't get much reception with companies is because:

1.) Past few years haven't had a good economy for non necessity spending.
2.) The OS didn't perform as well as XP. (Unlike Windows 7 does.)
3.) Win 7 changed the OS up a lot. So there is the fear of decreased work efficiency for the first few months, on top of the money spent on a new OS and possibly new hardware.

Try out the RC1 of Windows 7 and see for yourself if you like it. Don't look to other people to tell you if your going to like something or not.

BWS19823815d ago

and that reason (letting others dictate and generate your own opinions) is a big reason I take reviews in general with a grain of salt and don't understand why people sling reviews back and forth in arguments, regardless of the medium or art form in question. You simply can't use an opinion as a fact.

I am eager to see how I'll like Win 7 when I finally get to try it out.

whoelse3815d ago

Every new PC with Vista installed brought after June 26th is entitled to Microsoft's Windows 7 Vista Upgrade Option to save you money from buying an upgrade from retail.

It's to stop a slowdown in PC sales while customers wait for Windows 7 installed PCs.

Kakkoii3815d ago

How is that relevant?

Why would you pirate something that's free? This story is about a test update to make sure the update system is working fine. Updates are good...they fix up vulnerabilities most of the time.

TheAntiFanboy3815d ago

Uh, 7 ftw?

Lonewolf19913815d ago

I think he meant mininova FTW in december...

Kakkoii3815d ago

Oh yeah, I got my stories mixed up.

Anyway, the RC1 doesn't expire until I about March if I remember correctly :P

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