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Sony CEO about PS3's future - SKFU & iQD statement

Obama's CHANGE swapped over to SONY? Sir Howard Stringer from SONY has a very optimistic view to push the PSN to an open Webservice. Will it be succesfull? A better late than never? SKFU & iQD talk about Sony, Howard and their vision.

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Duplicate story
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Bad Editing
Poorly done article/blog.
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guys, i think this is different than the interview. it is an article examining the Q & A's. It was my error with the initial report.
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Duplicate story
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SKFU4267d ago

...the article focuses the statements REGARDING the interview. This is not a normal news post about the interview. This criticizes the interview and the CEO's point of view.

Joni-Ice4267d ago

Then we will see whats announced.