PlayStation Home Xi update - 11 May

PS3-Sense writes: "Today is PlayStation Home Xi probably the most updated with new content since its existence. There is a new puzzle in Home Maintenance. Once solved, brings you by the fifteenths part of the Xi logo. Furthermore, there is two new email messages in your HoloPAD and new info has been added to the AlphaAFK website about the new groups and there is also a poll. Of course this is not everything and below you can see a fully updated overview."

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Rifle-Man3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Instead of trying unsuccessfully to get into the Siren mini-game for an hour last night I should've been checking out Xi.

Sangria3809d ago

If you guys liked Xi, you should check the PC game In Memoriam and sequel. I don't know if it released in US, but it's pretty much the same kind of investigation, where the virtual cross the reality.

Many of the enigmas in the game are to resolve through sites with Google, but if you want to try the game, i suggest you to put "In Memoriam" in the Google words filter (with that, Google wont search any site containing the words), because many sites raised with the solution to the enigmas, and if you search for something related to that enigma, you may be spoiled heavily.