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JokesOnYou3814d ago

- Swimming mode enabled.
- A 'Stealthy' Oil pipeline Scuba Mission will be included in campaign mode.
- A level will definetly be based in Rio De Janeiro.
- Siberian Level will feature in campaign mode.
- Vehicles (e.g. Trucks, Tanks etc.) will be introduced into the Modern Era.
- A 'Helicopter Based' Level will be featured.
- An Oil Tanker level will also be featured.
- Ken Lally (Wesker from Resident Evil 5) will be voice acting. Most likely as a Russian villain

Dont believe the BS from the naysayers, MW2 is going to look and play amazing, why? because IW knows what the hell their doing.


sofresh2003814d ago

Noob tanks confirmed for multiplayer :(

Kushan3814d ago

IW ward is in charge of this one, just because "vehicles" are in it doesn't mean it's going to be n00bish. IW are pretty good at balancing things.

UnwanteDreamz3814d ago

While I agree this game will be good, people don't have to like it. I know FPSwimming has never been something I craved but they may change my mind.

Bnet3433814d ago

Who the hell crosses their fingers for swimming to be in multiplayer in an FPS? The hell ...

velaxun3814d ago

Everything seems good, except for the vehicles. I'm sorry but WaW ruined vehicles for me cuz everyone just mad rushes the tanks and camp out in them racking up kills instead of going for objectives.

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mt3814d ago

you are more annoying than sony rep do you know that ?
you just follow him like a dog and trying to counter him . quit it u kids .

JaPo3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

The unfortunate thing is that his own sentence was not remotely 'cohesive' (he probably means coherent) nor gramatically correct.

Utter loser.

W-w-w-wait f this s there's details for MW2 out?! This game is going to be off the chain... b-b-b-but please, God: Don't put tanks in MP :).

GameGambits3814d ago

So these details are just kinda sketchy seeing as all of this information is really deductible from the teasers. Also, it's all campaign related. I don't think anyone here can doubt the campaign portion of a IW game, but I really doubt the millions who bought COD4 were after the single player and people who buy FPS' in general that have a MP portion are after that part to be stand out.

Don't be surprised if IW just jams information ONLY about the SP levels and keeps you out in the cold on MP info since they can't offer squat in that department that matters. No dedicated servers because it is multiplatform, no noob tube improvements because that's all they use too, no character customization since they don't want to rip off Rainbow, and no real improvements to team killers because they prolly TK themselves.

This is working out to be the most rentable game this year, but a purchase really isn't meriting itself.

IaMs123814d ago

Also they never said Vehicles will be in Multiplayer. They said introducing therefore it can be just Campaign but most likely it will have a role in multiplayer as well

mal_tez923814d ago

I'll be ok as long as they keep them out of multiplayer.

Aggesan3813d ago

Even though the multiplayer in CoD 4 was never my favourite (I prefer the multiplayer in Battlefield: BC), the singleplayer campain is the best I've ever played in an fps.

Most likely a first day buy.

Tony999Montana3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Sorry to burst all of your bubbles, but I have the issue in my hands right now and this info, on the site, is kinda Bull****. To quote the actual magazine article, "Our Guess: Stealthy oil pipeline scuba mission". The entire article is solely from viewing the trailer, they have no new information. Basically replace the word "featured" with "rumoured" at every point on the site.

If you want to know what PSM3 actually said, nothing special tbh, then ask me.

EDIT: The only exception is "Wesker" voice acting, which is in fact true.

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KionicWarlord2223814d ago

From article :

Ken Lally (Wesker from Resident Evil 5) will be voice acting. Most likely as a Russian villain



But im happy about the swimming enabled part.

ARog343814d ago

I wanna throw a snowball!

I want a new- a NEW game where you are immersed in a huge series of events! And you have to battle through the terrain that explodes around you... :) along with addictive multiplayer!

cranium3814d ago

You can never go wrong with explosions.

SprSynJn3814d ago

I want to throw a urine soaked snowball.

Snatcher3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Will be the best FPS ever, it will beat Call of Duty 4, which is the king of FPS right now.

All Time Greatness3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Halo 3 is number 1 on Xbox Live still, COD4 dropped months ago.

Halo 3 is the flagship title for Major League Gaming with more pro's than any other game. COD4 is number 3 after Halo and Gears.

Sales are ridiculous for both franchises.

Theater mode/clip creation, Forge/level editor are only in Halo 3.(HUGE features)

The amount of game modes and ways to play Halo 3 absolutely swamps COD4.

Halo 3 will have a full 25 multiplayer maps(both games have awesome level design) by the time ODST releases. COD4 has about 14.

I love both about equally, but just trying to state some facts. Halo is King.

Snatcher3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

But I liked Call Of Duty 4 more, since my friends played it, and I liked the modes and Perks.

silverchode3814d ago

halo is a kids game modern warfare is a mans game

All Time Greatness3814d ago

haha wow. Halo is number one in everything and you Sonyboys know it, and hate it. :)

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PotNoodle3814d ago

I hope they really add to the multiplayer, CoD4 MP was great but i got bored with it by FEB 2008, after getting it on release back in november 2007.