The Last of The Great Arcade Fighters

Kotaku: Online. Kicking and punching cold, invisible opponents you'll never see, you'll never meet. Alex Valle is a Street Fighter II player living in a Street Fighter IV world. And he's ready to kick your ass.

"Arcades are where you can truly level up your game against many opponents with no lag issues or rage-quitters," Valle says. "Maybe those rage-quitters can still leave mid-match and cause a scene or something. Playing online on a console is more of a tool for execution and strategy." In short: Play online if you want to practice, play in arcades if you want to fight.

As with most in his generation, the 31 year-old Valle came of age when online home console gaming wasn't event a glint in SEGA's eye, an age American arcades got golden again. Players slapped down stacks of quarters and could find SFII cabinets anywhere the things could fit - not only the obvious slick carpet-covered arcades, but also dingy laundromats and musty corners in gas stations. "I'm an arcade gamer," says Valle, "so I was used to playing the arcade version of whatever fighting game there was available." And that means, playing at a stand-up cabinet, standing next to your opponent.

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rajman3807d ago

I battled 3 matches online on PS3 against Valle's Bison with my Akuma, managed to only win 1 round =(