Famous People Sell Games Better Than Game Reviewers

Publishers should recognize that the televised appearance of celebrities in their underwear hyping Guitar Hero is helping that series beat its better-reviewed competition, according to a gaming analyst.

There are many ways that star game reviewer and Giant Bomb honcho Jeff Gerstmann and star model Heidi Klum are unalike. One of those, may be their ability to impact the sales of games.

Klum may have the edge there.

Celebrities, EEDAR games research analyst Jesse Divnich wrote in a report issued this morning, are trumping reviewers.

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UnwanteDreamz3811d ago

I think this holds true if you are a child who can't think for yourself.

Celebs in their underwear don't rate and I only use reviews to learn more about games I want to play.

ExcelKnight3811d ago

Good on ya, but know that a majority of the population doesn't even know the different types of advertising genres.

Celebrity endorsements is by far the most popular and most successful. If it wasn't, they wouldn't still be trying to find actors to promote things as mundane as hamburgers.