Will AT&T And Other Carriers Abandon Unlimited Data? writes:

"The Wall Street Journal posted an interesting article today detailing how the iPhone and its many, many users have crippled AT&T's network, and how their data related revenues will begin to decrease once the new user market plateaus. After outlining all of the usual information that we have already heard, they give a solution to the problem: stop offering unlimited data to smartphone users."

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Odie3817d ago

But I don't see it being anything but a high risk, high reward scenario
Even if it is that high of a reward for them.

nbsmatambo3817d ago

we already pay out of the ass for unlimited data, and this would make me consider unlocking and switching back to mobile

IdleLeeSiuLung3817d ago

This is a classic case of not enough competition. All over Europe cell phone service is incredibly cheap and note (as far as I know) both parties (the caller and the reciever) do NOT both pay for the minutes in use. The receiver's call is free and yet it is cheaper.

Why is it then that cell phone service prices hasn't gone down all these years. Now phone companies want to raise prices or cap unlimited data plans. This is ridiculous and we need more competition!

FuzzyChinchilla3817d ago

i agree...we need more competition...cell phone providers should compete for our business BY lowering prices AND adding (not removing) features!

jack who3817d ago

or better your network? um? no?

jkoz3817d ago

They can kiss my service goodbye if that ever becomes true.

Polluted3817d ago

It will become true very soon. It sucks for consumers like you and I, but you can see where they're coming from when they put bandwidth caps in place.

What bothers me is when they start trying to restrict what you can do with the bandwidth you've already paid for by throttling your speeds during peak hours or throttling certain types of traffic. When that happens it's time to get a new carrier.

velaxun3817d ago

here's a novel thought, instead of capping bandwidth and lowering overall speeds, how about they make like the asians and upgrade their servers? It might result in a price increase, but I would rather higher prices and better net speeds than to loose unlimited data or deal with bandwidth caps.

Delive3817d ago

Websites will see their hits go down. Online gaming will see a massive drop off in play across the board. Wireless home network piggy backing will reach new highs. I know this is just about AT&T and their wireless data service, but we saw Time Warner develop this plot already. If someone is able to pull this off, others will follow suit. You may see a spike in media types other than online based ones like news papers, magazines, Lions Den, Music CD's and others. I think the better solution is to enhance their networks to handle the traffic. Future proof it the best they can, don't just patch it up.

BigPete79783817d ago

Wouldn't them doing this allow a lot of people to get out of their current contracts?

Delive3817d ago

They would keep their existing contract intact, but not allow a renewal/extension, instead forcing a new contract with the new fees intact.

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