Console And PC Gaming LCD HDTV Coming This June

Blend Games:
The average price of an LCD PC monitor is around $350 for something relatively new and high-end. You can sometimes bargain-bin your way into finding something around the $200 price range that offers up some good visual performance from a monitor, but the problem is that these monitors aren't easily compatible with gaming consoles. Westinghouse Digital, however, has a solution for both PC gaming and console gaming and it's called the SK-32H635S LCD HDTV and it will be available this June.

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hitthegspot3814d ago

I am still waiting for 80+ inch LCD/Plasmas at Best Buy, Sears...

kaveti66163814d ago

Samsung, Sharp, and Vizio are selling LCD HDTVs with much better specs than this for that price. Eff Westinghouse. 720p? Games like God of War III will be 1080p, and probably GT5. Whoever buys this television is getting screwed over.

FragMnTagM3814d ago

SK-32H635S and SK-32H820S (32" LCD HDTV)
Available March 2009; Estimated Retail Price: TBD

• 32.0" viewable HDTV
• 1366 x 768 resolution
• 2500:1 contrast ratio
• 450 nits brightness
• 6.5 ms response time
• Multiple HDMI, 2 YPbPr, 2 CVBS/S, 1 VGA, 1 SPDI

Here are the specs, because the article was very crappily written.
There are better TV's for that price. Also he is saying that this TV is a Console and PC gaming TV. NO SH!T SHERLOCK! Any modern LCD TV is. Even little tiny 19" TV's have HDMI plugs, as well YPbPr, and VGA inputs. Where the hell has this guy been living.

evrfighter3814d ago

"Fast 6.5ms response time"

gray to gray or black to white transitions is what will determine if this is a hit or not. Your average pc gamer will usually not know what this means so will ask their tech savvy pc gamer friend if it's a good monitor.

gray to gray will see a lot of ghosting/trailing. it can be pretty yucky especially if it's of cheap parts.

black to white would be ok I'd imagine though I'd personally wouldn't buy a gaming monitor with anything more than 5ms black to white.

These recommendations are more for the hardcore fps player where every advantage is critical for them. Like the guys that still play on crt to get 120fps. This would probably be fine for everything non fps.

free2game3653814d ago

TVs aren't suited for PC games, all of the text in games would be impossible to read.

ambientFLIER3814d ago

I agree 6 ms isn't all that quick.

Fishy Fingers3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Huh? Is this from 2004 or something? Rubbish specs for a HDTV let alone a monitor (720p/1080i).

Kushan3814d ago

Yeah I don't get this, it's just a pretty bog standard HDTV. And not a very good one at that.

Then again, I game on my PC Monitor - a cheapish 24" job, but capable of 1900x1200 resolution (Read: greater than 1080p). My sound is handled separately by a nice sony 5.1 system and since the monitor has a HDMI input, it's all gravy. Not bad for a cheapo setup.

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The story is too old to be commented.