Far Cry 2 Xbox 360 Patch Now Available

Today we are pleased to announce the release of a Farcry 2 title update for Xbox 360.

This patch will include a lot of improvements for both single player and multiplayer modes; with better browsing features, more multiplayer game options, and other new additions in order to let you play the game, the way you want. Information on a similar update for PS3 and PC will be announced soon. Here is a list of the fixes and additions:

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goflyakite3807d ago

Got this for Christmas, I would go back and complete it if they added mouse & keyboard support.

Fun game, just not that fun to control with analogs.

iDystopia3807d ago

That's because your trying to play with the Dualshock 3, a horrible controller for FPS's.(A 15 year old controller design)

Soldierone3807d ago

UT3 had it and it was like a comp but i still put down the keybaord and mouse for my controller. I think its what your used to, therefore your better off playing with it. No harm in having an option for both, but i was doing just fine playing against people using keyboards and mice.

And to the guy above me....Why fix whats not broken? The dualshock is the most comfortable controller i ever used, fits in my hands perfectly. Let alone i have no idea why this article or your comment is in the ps3 section...

iDystopia3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Fix whats not broken? The PS3 contorller isn't good for shooters, it's a fact. sorry. Pretending like it is doesn't do anything, everyone knows this.

It's the same design that PS1 had lol, it's outdated.

PirateThom3807d ago

Funny, I have no problem with it.

I don't have a problem with any controller.

Maybe it's your hands.

TheBand1t3807d ago

Odd, I do better with FPS on the DS3 than I do with the 360 controller.

It's called preferences, chucklehead.

Fleet Fox3807d ago

The playstation contorller has been the same since ps1. Its old, it has loose sticks and it sucks for shooters.

Sony should of stuck with the boomerrang look for PS3rd.

evrfighter3807d ago

"Odd, I do better with FPS on the DS3 than I do with the 360 controller. "

If this is an online games then it's probably your skill level.

I'm a pc gamer yet own a 360 wireless controller for my non fps games. I own a ps2 also and have unreal tournament. I can safely say the 360 controller is more precise than my ps2 controller. But I'd still never ever dream about using a 360 controller on my pc for shooters. That's just plain silly.

Mindboggle3807d ago

The fact here is that your a total idiot. I love the PS3 controller and it suits me for all games, including shooters. I find the 360 controller triggers to be far too stiff and the analogue stick is not sensitive enough.

cayal3807d ago

"Fix whats not broken? The PS3 contorller isn't good for shooters, it's a fact. sorry. Pretending like it is doesn't do anything, everyone knows this."

An opinion is not fact, moron.

Fleet Fox3807d ago

PS3 controller is for asians PSTurds.

IaMs123807d ago

True you have your opinions but honestly? The PS3"triggers" aka L2 and R2 are WAY stiffer, i completely dislike what they did to them. It was a neat idea but they messed up. and if your talking about the bumpers on the 360, its really buttons and not tiggers. But what i like the most about the 360 is the triggers it fits FPS perfectly.

evrfighter3807d ago

"I find the 360 controller triggers to be far too stiff"

stiff? really? you either have some really girly hands or you need to move ur 360 controller away from you when your jerkin off to pr0n.

ShabzS3806d ago

and the 360 controlelr is perfect for shooters... but ds 3 is better for fighters...

goflyakite3806d ago

Woah, no idea my comment would spark all this.

And I have no problem playing FPS's with the DS3, in fact I could probably beat most of you in COD4/5 or even KZ2. It's just this game, it's very stiff. At least in the single player (FC2) you get HEAVY aim assist.

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Th3 Chr0nic3807d ago

lol i would go back and play every fps in console history if i could have mouse and keyboard

Perjoss3807d ago

build a cheap gaming PC

Th3 Chr0nic3807d ago

been there done that, tired of upgrading and spending the equivelant of a nextgen gaming console for a single video card to play anything made in the last 2 years with better than average graphics.

Rifle-Man3807d ago

Is there an issue with saves going corrupt on the PS3, too?

I hope not, because this game is a bit of a chore: Get mission, drive here, accidentally blow up own Jeep with RPG, walk across valley, swim through river, find new Jeep, some guys just blew up my new Jeep, kill guys, out of ammo, walk to gun store, get ammo, get another new Jeep, drive to place, kill guy, repeat.

I'm 65% done. I'm not doing that again.

Th3 Chr0nic3807d ago

lmao the quest for the Golden Jeep


i have to say i agree. when i first played this game i thought it was awesome. visually i was very, very impressed ... i still think visually its better looking then gears 2.

but the game play, after the first hour or so it seems ok, but then you start to ask yourself where is this going ? by the time you are halfway through its more like when will this end.


----------------------------- -
ya, the ending is less then dramatic to say the least. Its got to be one of the worst endings to a game i have played.

SonyRulz3807d ago

I was hoping they'd add the ability for unranked/friends-only matches to retain weapons upgrades after matches. That's something that really sucks about the MP for this game; if you only want to play casual matches with your buddies, you'll never rank up or unlock anything...permanently anyway. :/

Kushan3807d ago

Yeah a few friends and I tried playing it together, but the matchmaking system was just rubbish. I want to play MP games with my friends!

Gamer_Politics3807d ago

those minor "fixes" arent enough to save that broken game

cayal3807d ago

Tell me about it.

I got up to 27% and the last mission on the first map and I can't get to the door to accept the last mission because it is closed and can't be opened.

I was filthy when that happened.

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The story is too old to be commented.