90° Nintendo Boss Dismisses Sony Wii Claims

By David Richards | Monday | 11/05/2009:

"In an exclusive interview with SmartHouse the Managing Director of Nintendo Australia has dismissed claims made by a Sony executive that the Nintendo Wii is "primarily purchased by women and teenagers because it is cheap and then dumped after only a few games".

She has also said that Nintendo Australia is witnessing record sales and that a recent "Mothers Day" promotion had been huge for sales of their new Nintendo DSi handheld."

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heroicjanitor3810d ago

It didn't even have a response. It looks like this

Nintendo Boss Dismisses Sony Wii Claims
Nintendo dismissed Sony's claims. In other news...

Parapraxis3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

So it's not primarily purchased by women and teens...but records were broken by recent mothers day sales?
Kinda contradicting yourself there Nintendo Boss.

cmrbe3810d ago

thats what i notice as well.

The nin hardcore fans will never admit that the wii is really for females,kids and old people.

GFahim3810d ago

and a ps360 hardcore fan will never admit that they have got their asses whooped by nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

It only takes a minute to read the WHOLE article.

Lets say its for kids and women only, are you telling me there are no games on it that could appeal to a gamer?

Sad your manhood needed to get in the way to judge games that could actually be good.
Its just a fact that Women and Children are getting the hardware, this doesn't mean there are no guys within that market.
Stupid logic you have.

lokiroo4203810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )


nintendo is indeed winning, however, those buying the wii are losing out bad, so good for nintendo I guess?!?


yeah word is the others will have motion controllers so, pc gaming and shovel ware for you, as long as your happy man, cheers!

GFahim3810d ago

luckily for me, i have an upgraded PC as well as a wii so i can play the 'hd' games on my pc and play the 'unique' games on the wii. and since motion plus is coming round the corner, theres gonna be some great games coming out. so yes, the ps360 fanboys will be missing out on innovation while the wii - ONLY owners will be missing out on the traditional games.

but i dont care as i have access to both and my time is spent on both!

SinnedNogara3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

The Wii has hardcore games and casual games, like the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Xbox 360:

Scene It!!
Your In The Movies!!
Hail to the Chimp!!

Sing It!!
Hail to the Chimp!!

Smacktard3810d ago

Yeah, everyone who said that the boss was contradicting themselves has poor reading comprehension. Let me demonstrate:

"Lappin said "What Nintendo has done, is focus on the family market in Australia, whereas Microsoft and Sony's console offerings are still seen as being hard core gaming machines. During the past two weeks we have seen record sales of both Nintendo software and consoles. Our new DSi handheld is proving extremely popular with both kids and women and I reject any claims that the Wii is being purchased because it is cheap and then dropped after only a few games. If that was the case, why is it that we are we witnessing record sales of Nintendo Wii software in Australia"

BASICALLY the person says that, yes, our machines are being bought by kids and women. She's AGREEING with the Sony exec's claim! She is DISAGREEING with what the Sony exec said about the console being dropped quickly by the kids and women that buy it.

God, do you people just read the first two paragraphs and then think you know the whole story?

ZuperAmazingCooKie3810d ago

That's funny, but then again, she has NO OTHER CHOICE. I doubt she would say to an interviewer "Well, yeah, the Wii is a gimmick and consumers only realize that after a month".

Oh, and sidar, your attempts at being the devil's advocate are weak. That is, if that's what you are trying to do by defending Nintendo left and right in a website where nobody except a few fanboys (not you) and apologists (you) likes them.

ChickeyCantor3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Zuper just piss off,

You people are unbelievable, while the story is there right in front of you, you actually have the F nerve to ignore what is actually written.

"defending" ? no just going against stupidity.

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ChickeyCantor3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Actually she only dismissed : " I reject any claims that the Wii is being purchased because it is cheap and then dropped after only a few games. "

She said before that:
" Our new DSi handheld is proving extremely popular with both kids and women"

You know it takes a minute to read stuff...
The lead-in is misleading.

Seriously guys, READ, infact she didn't "dismiss" anything, she says she REJECTS the claims.
Obviously people don't read the whole article, just the head part on this page.

Well looky looky, A disagree.
I guess you who disagreed, don't know how to read, so in your own frustration you hit disagree.
O ok.

SinnedNogara3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

The Wii appeals to the casual AND hardcore. And there is nothing wrong with that, since MICROSOFT RELEASED LIPS and Scene It!!!

Spike473810d ago

from the 18+ million people who have bought the Wii. LOL

Corepred43810d ago

and you must be so happy since your stock is just shooting through the roof right! oh you don't have stock... seemed that way since you were so quick to correct him on sales...

GFahim3809d ago

i have the best of both worlds: my upgraded PC for my 'hd' needs and the wii for exclusive unique games.

all i was simply stating was FACT. deal with it

Corepred43809d ago

this guy thinks he's a made man with his computer and wii!! LMAO LMAO

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Thoreau3810d ago

no codmw2, no sf4 or tekken, no gta, no wake, no uncharted 2.

crickets chirping
chirp, chirp, chirp...........

gaming sadness;(

Shnazzyone3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

shame dbags like you don't get Super mario galaxy, silent hill SM, monster hunter tri, Conduit, madworld, MP Corruption, Mario kart, masamura, the next Dragonquest, The RE remakes, oh so much plus the joys nintendo will be revealing at E3.

Where's your HD god now... return to your cabin Walden.

Xander-RKoS3810d ago

But the Wii does have every single Nintendo first party franchise like Zelda and Mario, No More Heroes, Red Steel 2, Madworld, almost (if not all) rail shooters, Indiana Jones, Little King's Story, etc.

Smacktard3810d ago

Yeah, I don't really care about Tekken or SF4. Uncharted 2 I'd like to try out, though. As for the rest of those games, that's why I have a capable PC. So I can enjoy the multiplatform games I want to enjoy, and I can play Metroid Prime 3, Mario Galaxy, de Blob, Boom Blox, etc.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3810d ago

Silent Hill? HD consoles have the superior versions, but thanks for asking. Oh, and if you like MadWorld so much, then why didn't you buy it? With the poor sales it had, it's likely to get the port treatment, same for the Conduit if you Wii fanboys keep playing Mario after mario game. Metroid? Please, I thought Wii fanboys didn't like shooters, if you like shooters so much you'd realize that true Shooter fans don't need a Wii.

Nintendo's ancient IPs, last-gen ports and family friendly games are not that interesting to gamers that started playing somewhere between the Pong and the NES eras.

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