IncGamers: Thief 4 Developer Interview

IncGamers tracked down Stéphane D'Astous, general manager at Eidos-Montreal, and quizzed him on Thief 4 with topics ranging from fan backlash, through merchandising, to the aim behind the game.

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syrinx3814d ago

Awesome, nice interview. Now we need to wait until E3 for more :)

Christopher3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Yeah, good interview and to see them ready to come out so early to mention anything about it. Hopefully sometime by the end of the year, first few months of next year they'll be putting out a lot of info in one of the magazines.

Looking at the job descriptions, they're listing multi-platform experience as a huge asset for programmers.

Redrudy3814d ago

Ahh quick work, hot off the presses already :)

Medievaldragon3814d ago

Nice. I remember seeing a video trailer of this long time ago. Would like to give it a try. Already pre-ordered Prototype. This one has a similar vibe to it. I like stealth mechanics.

Fyzzu3814d ago

Looks like they're trying to stay true to Thief history, at least...