Not For Kids: How Long People Play M-Rated Wii Games

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku writes:
"Who cares if M-rated Wii games do or don't sell? We've crunched numbers in our latest Wii Stats Report to learn how much the people who get these games actually play them. MadWorld included."

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Parapraxis3808d ago

I can understand CoD: [email protected] being that high....but why is Mad World so low?
It looks to have a good amount of replayability.

Chris3993808d ago

I don't think it's representative of the quality of the game.

Parapraxis3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

It doesn't really concern sales.
This deals with the amount of time people who own each game spands playing them.

Hypothetically, there could be a mediocre RPG which sells poorly, but the few people who buy it still want to finish it so they may put nearly 100 hrs into it, although it is owned by far less people, it would still have a statistically higher per-owner playtime.

This chart deals with "hardcore titles" So I suppose if a game lacks multiplayer it is somewhat fated to have less play-time.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but generally games with multiplayer/co-op are played for longer periods.

(I don't think co-op/multiplayer should be shoe-horned into all games BTW, many single player games have other parts that make them worth the money, so to speak)

Chris3993808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I thought it was an aggregate figure of time spent on certain games relative to player base or something. But it's just the time that each player spends on a certain game (averaged).

As far as Madworld goes, it's basically a single player 6 hour romp. The MP is weak. People are playing through the game once, then shelving it (myself included).

It's a terrific game while it lasts though.

ChickeyCantor3808d ago

Maybe its the style, And to play a mature game, there is no actuall need for blood splashing on screen every second you beat away.

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Shnazzyone3808d ago

I know i share my data and i've played roughly 10-20 hours on madworld. It's easy to run that timer up too with replaying levels sometimes taking 25 minutes or more. Guess more people bought it then i thought to bring down the average so much.

Mahr3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Wow, five hours of Alone In The Dark? I would never inflict that on anyone.