GameFocus: UFC 2009 Undisputed Preview Event

GameFocus writes: "It felt like I shouldn't have been there. Being from Eastern Canada, where warm whether is about as scarce as a Duke Nukem Forever release date, oven roasting myself in the outdoor heat that is California is a bit of an unfamiliar situation. Still, I wasn't out in the Sunshine State to enjoy the hot weather but to preview UFC 2009 Undisputed from THQ. I'm sure the UFC can relate to my fish out-of-water metaphor all too well. The UFC, and the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) as a whole, went against the odds and popular sensibilities. It wasn't supposed to be here. Nearly written off almost years ago as a bloody and pointless spectacle for over-reaching bar fighters and delusional wannabe gladiators, the sport of MMA (particularly the UFC)has smashed its way into popular culture and teeters on the edge of breaking into the mainstream sports consciousness. The evidence on how far the sport has come is tangible as here I am, transplanted across the country, ready to step into the offices of THQ in Agoura Hills, California to preview the upcoming video game."

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