PSN gets 1, XBLA 7 Sega classics

TVGB: "Sega will be relasing seven oldies on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, re-worked in high-definition. While all games will be released on Xbox Live Arcade, oddly only one of the seven games will be released on PlayStation Network. The games are: Gunstar Heroes (XBLA & PSN), Altered Beast (XBLA), Shinobi (arcade) (XBLA), Comix Zone (XBLA), Phantasy Star 2 (XBLA), Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (XBLA), and Sonic and Knuckles (XBLA)."

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Godmars2903812d ago

Aren't all of those titles on the Sega classics disc they just put out?

KionicWarlord2223812d ago

yeah they have it on both systems.

a disc with segas collection.

But what this article is saying just the game for via download.

like how outrun came threw download.

Christopher3812d ago

Yeah, all the ones going to only XBLA are on the Sega Genesis Classics disc.

locos853812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I think its would be cheaper to buy the disc since its 29.99. While XBLA charges 800 ms points ($10) just for 1 game

Defectiv3_Detectiv33812d ago

Don't know about XBL, but the Sega Classics are already available for download of the NA PSN servers.

Yet another misleading title to stoke the flames in the fanboy fire.

Blaze9293812d ago

Sweet, all I care about

Godmars2903812d ago

What's the point of offering them as DL when they're going to cost as much as the disc? If you buy 2-3 anyway.

vhero3812d ago

Gunstar heroes is the only one not on the collection disc though.. Why buy them for £6.99 each when you can buy sega ultimate collection for £20 with all of them plus another 20 games on??

3812d ago
St03812d ago

How come Sega never brings back Sonic CD, I loved that game

maniacmayhem3812d ago

The xbl version will have network features for games like Sonic and Altered Beast.

I also heard a rumor that Gunstar Heroes, Phantasy Star II and Comix Zone was coming to XBL which would be super bad ass!

timestoby3812d ago

i hope they dont think its okay to put these out and they look like they do on the sega ultimate disc,cause they look horrible no matter wot upscale you do.redo em like bionic commmando or double dragon.

callahan093812d ago

Exactly. When you can buy the Sega collection for 30 dollars, why would you buy any of those individual games? I mean, even if they for some reason only charge 3 dollars per game, then you're still paying 6x3 = 18 dollars, which is more than half the price of the Sega Collection disc, for only like 15% of the games that come on that disc. The only reason I could see for buying them outside of the Sega Collection is for additional achievements, and that would just be silly. Yeah, this is no loss whatsoever for PSN, and a practically useless gain for XBLA. I won't even be buying Gunstar Heroes because I already bought it on the Wii VC a long time ago (and I still have my genesis cartridge somewhere).

pixelsword3811d ago

I didn't think so.

Thank you.

SaiyanFury3811d ago

Even if the PSN isn't getting said titles, there's always ROMs. I can play all of those games anytime I choose and with my emulator I can choose my graphics filter. Just a personal choice, but I've been playing SEGA games on my PC for years. Perhaps SEGA favours the 360 with it's old games but SEGA favours the PS3 with it's new games. Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza 3 are to of the big ones this gen.

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NegativeCreep4273812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

now that your ever-so proficient in inequalities, maybe you can go back to your 7th-grade studies and teach us what a "fraction" is.


Ellessdee3812d ago

those jerks!!!

oh well i dont really care anyways. if i wanted to play old sega games on an hdtv so that it looks like complete sheit, i would just buy the sonic collection. much more bang for the buck that way.


well at least the PSN Got the one that isn't on disc. Gunstar Heroes is amazing and an hd remake would be more awesome then an eagle eating a hot dog while out slam dunking shaq.

I_am_rushin3812d ago

*eagle eating chicken. :D

djtek1843812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

exclusives > XBLA games
Sega just came out with "Sega Classics" on 1 disc, with all the those games aside from Gunstar Heroes