IGN: Wolfenstein Blog: The Particle & Tesla Cannons

The Wolfenstein Blog writes:

"For installment #2 of the Wolfenstein blog, we're going to look at a few of the toys that BJ will be able to use in his fight against the Nazis; the Particle and Tesla Cannons.

These veil-enhanced weapons are the perfect remedy for all kinds of problems that BJ may run into in his battle against the SS Paranormal Division. Have the Nazis invaded your city? No problem. Heavy Trooper got ya down? No worries, friend! Delivering pain and death to the Nazis and their dark experiments is always fun when you have these in your arsenal.

Today, to talk with us about these unique and devastating weapons is one of the very talented artists over at Raven Software, Arnie Swekel. Thanks for your time Arnie, let's get right into it."

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