16 More Rock Band Songs Announced

More rock band songs are here. Just last week 9 songs were announced including some from Social Distortion and Steely Dan. However, Harmonix has thrown in 16 more songs, which are expected to hit the Rock Band Music Store tomorrow.

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Uncle Rico3812d ago

Really nice collection of songs if you ask me

slpknt6sic63812d ago

now if we can only get a METAL PACK WITH AS I LAY DYING, BLEEDING THROUGH, and "OLD" ALL THAT REMAINS NOT THE GAY NEW STUFF... *sighs* it will never happen:(

xlx-russ_923812d ago

still no LP or Green Day, shame on you EA/MTV

Perjoss3812d ago

I would like to see Dookie released as an album, I'd buy that.

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The story is too old to be commented.