Rumor - Star Wars: Battlefront III may not go next gen

Further, it's possible that, even after all this, we may not end up seeing a next gen version at all. The targets set by Rebellion for the PS3/360 version are allegedly "impossible" to meet. LucasArts may go the way the did with the new Indiana Jones game, and just not produce a high def version.

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shadowfox3813d ago

That would suck, Free Radical's engine looked so damn good...

vhero3813d ago

Well its Crytek making it now...

gauntletpython3813d ago

Free Radical was bought by Crytek, but Lucas Arts still owns all the Battlefront stuff... so no, it isn't.

Ju3813d ago

That's kind of ironic, though. Rebellion is indirectly responsible the FR went under. They made a cheaper offer to Lucas Arts for the PS360 version, and now turns out they can't handle it. ... Good job, guys!

DeadlyFire3812d ago

It would be funny if game got flipped by around to Crytek to work on it. It will exist at some point though I hope and not turn into what KOTOR III turned into. It was canned and a new MMO is in its place. I hope BattleFront 3 does exist and with all classes in the game. Including Jedi/Sith class with limitations and upgrades.

Either way if BattleFront 3 fails then it proves that Lucasarts is a washed up company. After years of great games they can't even get someone to work on a new game for them. Indiana Jones and the promised great game engine that was on somehow vanished into vapor. Now it looks like it might happen again, but I know they want to make BattleFront 3.

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gauntletpython3813d ago

This sucks. While I did like Rebellion's SWBF game, Free Radical's looked SOOOOOOOO impressive... Plus, PS2 as a lead SKU in 2009? What the hell is this crap?


Yup, this sucks.

I'm officially starting to send out death threat letters.

Gr813813d ago

To Wii and use WM+, that would probably be better than watching Wookies in HD.

shadowfox3813d ago

Screw wookies, I want Ewoks in HD.

Sonyslave33813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

What they do should is make this game a 360 exclusive and take advantage of the motion sensor Zcam imagine doing the force with your hands. No controller needed.

IT not an Eye toy clone look.www. and tell ps3 eye toy can do this.


Take advantage of EyeToy on 360? Are you on drugs boy?

evilmonkey5013813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

What they do should is make this game a Ps3 exclusive and take advantage of the motion sensor PSeye imagine doing the force with your hands. No controller needed.

haha...see what I did there???
lol..j/k...please don't do this....

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-MoOkS-3813d ago

Was anyone honestly excited for anothe battlefront game???

The 2 games on ps2 were horrible

pixelsword3813d ago

they were great; it was the first game that captured the atmosphere of the Star Wars universe without having to get to know characters and locals that you never would care about in the first place.

People still play SWF I and II on the PS2 (including me).

JBaby3433813d ago

The first two Battlefront games were great. I still play Battlefront II from time to time. I personally would love a next-gen version.

ZombieNinjaPanda3813d ago

Battlefront 1 and 2 are to me two of the best shooters of the last generation.

A good balance of vehicles and classes. Pretty large maps, and space combat.

Battlefront 1 could not be beat though.

Ju3813d ago

I think BF 1&2 were great, and I am eagerly waiting for a HD version. Doesn't even need to much of different game, as long as they get the same with pimped visuals, I am already sold.

evilmonkey5013813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

It is my opinion then, sir, you do not like Star Wars or good 3rd person shoot em ups'.

Ashriel3813d ago

The two PS2 games were great, you just did't like them.

mario8883813d ago

Mooks, Starwars battlefront was on the PS2 and Xbox.

And they both ran off of dedicated Servers and they were both no Auto Aim. Not sure about the xbox but you could also run a Battlefront PS2 game server off your PC. those were some good times.

MS introduced the xbox with a built in Hard drive and Console online gaming was born. There were tons of clans and competitive Console gaming was born. Sonic Army was a gaming site that a lot of Starwars Battlefront clans went to join gaming ladders.

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