Battlestation: Iowa Mission Pack gets launched in XBLA

Now up on Xbox Live is the Iowa Mission Pack for Eidos Interactive's Battlestations: Midway. Finally, after themes and pin-ups, we get to see some more World War II shooting action. Not that we have any complaints about them pin-up girls.

Anyhow, the Iowa Mission Pack is available for 400 points, so that shouldn't weigh so much on your Microsoft pockets. As promised earlier, this mission pack will be including new stuff, like the multiplayer map for the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea, as well as the single player challenge mission, Raid on Truk. Also, you will find here five new exclusive units in the form of the USS Iowa battleship, P-38 Lightning (Allied) and Gekko (Japanese) fighters, the IJN Shimakaze Destroyer, and the new Japanese mini-sub.

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your a dollar short and a day late!