Nintendo Channel Update Released

Connor Beaton writes: "An update for the Wii's Nintendo Channel was released across Europe in the early hours of today. Anybody who's used the Channel should recall that after playing a game for an hour, they are eligible to take a survey asking how highly they rate the game and if they think it's casual or hardcore, etc.

"Today's update now allows players to view the survey results on a game page. While useful for deciding whether or not to buy certain games, people are already spotting worrying survey results; for example, on average, owners of hardcore, uber-gory Sega title MadWorld have only played the game 3.32 times, and this low trend seems to echo across all the Wii's hardcore games, again begging the question: why are hardcore Wii games continuing to flop?"

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Smacktard3817d ago

Very interesting! But I can't say I'm surprised. I regret paying full price for this game. There's little incentive to play through the game again. If they added some bonuses or unlockables, it might've been better.