Microsoft loses patent case, gets $388 million fine : "Microsoft was hit with a $388 million patent infringement fine yesterday, following a lengthy legal brawl that dates back to 2003 with security software vendor Uniloc. The patent in question was for an anti-piracy solution that prevents the creation, distribution and use of unauthorized copies of software – which Microsoft allegedly infringed with its software activation methods. "

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JhawkFootball063808d ago

Its never good when a business loses that much money. Just hurts the business and people who are working for the business.

ultimolu3808d ago

Jhawk, try telling that to the fanatics who would jumping around at Sony's operating loss during a recession!

II Necroplasm II3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I'm sure bill gates will just put that back in the bank lol. But then again he's done and retired, I doubt he cares.

Pennywise3808d ago

fat-american... I get it.. your name, your avatar and you way of saying dumb things that are far from the truth, but come on... everyone knows Sony is Japanese.

thewhoopimen3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I hope you were sarcastic there buddy. Sony a Chinese company? lol. Good one. MS making beelions on xbox? Maybe the OS, but not the console lol.

@fat editing and trying to cover up will get u nowhere.

fat-american3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

i didnt say they are chiense comapany. learn to read

edit: cover up what? you can call me fat all you want. theres nothing wrong with being fat. am proud of who i am !

OmarJA3808d ago

Well they can always fire more people as usual.

Lifendz3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

this is literally a drop in the bucket to them.

@Fat American:

Can you please provide the link to Sony's gaming division financial statement that supports that statement?

BRG90003808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Well it's figuratively a drop in the bucket. To be literally a drop in the bucket Microsoft would have to be using very small amounts of liquid as currency. :)

WhittO3808d ago

no matter how big the Company, $338 million is ALOT of money.

and lol @ the xbox business making "billions".

II Necroplasm II3808d ago

this fat-american guy has me cracking up XD

vagisil3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

you're response was 1.2, which is the FIRST comment to mention sony in this thread, so why did you run ya trap at someone else about "bring sony into it?" you are the first one to bring up sony.

specialguest3808d ago

The old bait and switch trick ay? hahaha

JokesOnYou3808d ago

almost every huge mega-corporation gets sued all the just hear more about micro because they are evil, still they will likely appeal which means by the time this case is actually settled chances are they will pay much less than that, typical strategy.


ultimolu3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

vagisil, why don't you contribute to the article instead of insulting me?

I used Sony as an example, because when Sony loses money 360 fanboys such as yourself get excited.

Epic fail is epic indeed.

And look, you edited your comment like the stealthy insulter that you are.

EDIT: Necro, do I care? No. I could care less who I annoy on this site. If I have something to say, I *will* say it.

Oh give me a break Necro. As if you haven't proven time and time again that you're a fanboy.

Obsessed love? If I had an obsessive love for an electronic brand, everything in my house would be of that brand. That's what you call an obsession.

I simply like Sony for making quality products. That's not obsessive love.

Grow up.

II Necroplasm II3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

He's got a point, you are really annoying. all you do is insult people here yourself.

You don't have to respond to me just hit your special disagree button.

"If I have something to say, I *will* say it."

ummmm yea..... that's what this comment section is for, you don't have to tell me that. And this is all I will post about that. I'm not falling into your pointless arguments over your obsessed love over a electronic brand.

vhero3808d ago

couldnt happen to a nicer company :)

Sarick3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

"Its never good when a business loses that much money. Just hurts the business and people who are working for the business."

It's also never good when a big corporation with a huge legal staff copies a patented innovation of another smaller company. Not pointing at only MS but you have to think about it. Those people who created the innovation are getting their work stolen by a company that can hold them in court for over 5 years. This can be just as destructive if not worse for the smaller company. Not everyone has the budget to hold out in court vs the big guys.

Yes, it's a real shame that it hurts the big busyness but, look at it from the other side. It's like a attacking a tank with a toothpick. Sure the big company loses money. Think about the innovators who created the technology first, they're losing money too.

Do you think the big company that disputed the case wanted to pay them for using this technology? Hell no! They made them fight 7 years for it. So not only did the smaller company get screwed for 5+ years, they had to pay legal fees and lose money trying to get $$ rights to their patents.

The smaller companies have families and mouths to feed as well just like the big ones. Just because it's a huge company doesn't give it the right to steal innovations from smaller companies. Crooks big or small shouldn't be given pity when they earn $$ off the backs of the poor, less fortunate or accomplished businesses.

Who's screwing who and who's hurting the most?

locos853808d ago

There goes the next DLC...

pixelsword3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I have my reservations about any corporation, but to have a fine like this handed down could mean a loss of jobs, and in this economy that is nothing to smile about***. Besides the loss of jobs, If you're rooting for a winner in the console war, why would you want to win it like that? I say, let the better console win, even it it takes a little longer or if it has to be assessed after the console's gen.

That makes it great for all gamers when corporations have to slash prices and make things better because they other guy could 1-up them at any minute.

***I also realize that the fine could also create jobs, but that is usually less likely, but since the damage is done, here's to hoping!

Sarick3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

The reason why fines are so big is because the company who broke the law is big.

If the average man got sued for $5000 that'd severely impact his life. If a multi-billion company got sued the same amount for the same infraction it'd be a slap on the wrist.

Fines are big to cause harm, or punish a company for abusing their power. If the fines amounted to lunch money then the system would be a lot worse then it is today and copyrights, malpractice etc wouldn't be taken seriously.

Yea it stinks that people are losing jobs because some higher up decided to do something shifty but someone has to pay the piper and it usually translates directly the working man. If the heads of operation where responsible instead of the corporation then the lawsuits would go after the criminals instead of the cooperation.

That's not the case though here. The fines are taken out of the company not the rich higher ups that knew they was breaking the law. Look at Enron. The higher ups knew the company was about to go belly up and they sold all their stocks. The employees had no idea they was going to lose their jobs.

Turns out the high ups ran off after liquidating their stocks. They went and bought exotic vacation homes while the employees where packing up their offices.

It's really sad but like I said the working class always get hit the hardest and most of the time they had nothing to do with it to begin with. it's the greedy self centered higher ups that run the show. When the problems start they're usually more protected then the peons who work under them. It's the people below them that suffer and the way the system is setup the real criminals still turn a profit.

ViceKingz3808d ago

Bill Gates probably has that amount of money lying around his sofa.

Face Palm3808d ago

That's as much as 360 exclusive Modern Warfare 2 DLC.

ZeroBlitz3808d ago

"It's like a attacking a tank with a toothpick."

Haha, I love that image.

No Way3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

You are sad, dude.. Seriously.

@ultimolu - "I used Sony as an example, because when Sony loses money 360 fanboys such as yourself get excited. "

When will it ever end..? -.-

Christopher3807d ago

It's also never good when a business swindles an individual or other company out of their money by infringing on their property. Unfortunately, the company as a whole has to pay for the decisions of but a few.

Either way, this has yet to be decided. Looks like Microsoft will keep this in the courts as long as possible.

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KionicWarlord2223808d ago

From article :

"The patent in question was for an anti-piracy solution that prevents the creation, distribution and use of unauthorized copies of software – which Microsoft allegedly infringed with its software activation methods"

Still thats alot money...not to ms ofcourse .

StayHigh3808d ago

I don't think Microsoft is happy that their losing money..They are in the business to make profit..Whos dumb enouogh to say im rich and it don't matter how much money i lost..

Pennywise3808d ago

Ironic how they lost more money using a method of DRM that is supposed to stop them from losing money to pirates.

KionicWarlord2223808d ago

This article shows ms got sued trying to protect there software from infringement.

BRG90003808d ago

At a time when they're laying off folks just like everyone else is, of course this is a lot of money. This is enough to pay 4,506 employees for a year (at $75K salary).

Bob Dole3808d ago

The ironic part about them doing this to not lose money to pirates is that it DOES NOT WORK. The sh1t gets hacked damn near over night, but whatever they can afford it hella more than whoever they stole it from.

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SpoonyRedMage3808d ago

Hmmm, Sony loses over a billion this year...

Sony Rep3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I'm sure M$ has a few more of these cases lined up for them... I mean it wouldn't be a M$ year without them violating the law in some way...

oh. lookey... a case where M$ would have to pay back money to every person who had RROD. Doesn't look good when we all know M$ knew about the hardware failures, and that's the women's defense...

ultimolu3808d ago

Drag Sony into it as usual right?

SpoonyRedMage3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Well it's a reply to the people take joy in MS being sued. like two of the people who posted before me.

People take joy in MS losing money and that's all good but if it's Sony it's suddenly bad.

@V: Well then people should just stop being idiots.

ultimolu3808d ago

People take joy in Sony losing money as well. And when it's Microsoft, it's suddenly bad and they try to brush it off because they're naive to think Microsoft can never go bankrupt.

Chris3993808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

One company is 1.5 (estimated, not known) in the hole, and another company, in excess to whatever other losses they've incurred this year took a bonus $3.8 (basically 4) billion dollar hit.

Which is worse?

And why even make such an inflammatory statement in the first place?

For whomever thinks that MS is immune to a recession and has a secret garden of money trees. All companies are feeling the recession right now.

EDIT: @ Spoony. Thanks for the correction on my math. That aside, your statement still contributed nothing but bile to the conversation, and we really have enough of that around here. Fanboy rants are spewed all over the internet on a daily basis. Why add to the issue?
Oh and to the fellah right below me, gross profit is a relatively useless statistic. What did they net? (Not being argumentative, I'm at work and can't really check atm.)

Daoshai3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Microsoft is still in the black, no one said they aren't hit by a recession though.

Microsoft's year ending mar31:
Gross Profit (ttm): 48.82B

SpoonyRedMage3808d ago

@Chris399: A Billion is one thousand million so it's 0.38 Billion, not 3.8.

I explained why I said it becuase of the "Hmm victory" comment and just the simple ":)" above me. If people are allowed to take delight in MS losing money then surely it's the same for Sony?

Or may be it's double standards like with the NPD and Japanese sales.

kaveti66163808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Epic Fail, Chris. Of course, this is not good news for Microsoft but no one should be happy about this. I own an Xbox 360, so if MS loses this much money, I have to start wondering what they're going to cut to make it up. They might not release any games for a few months. They might close down a dev company. They might do a bunch of things that would hurt me as a gamer. So, no, I'm not happy about this, nor am I happy if Sony loses money.

Every single one of you who came here and went ":)" or said something along the lines of "Good. Whenever Sony loses money Xbox fanboys are happy about it, so now we can be happy." <--- Anyone who says that is automatically a Sony Fanboy. Stop getting happy over companies failing, companies being sued, companies doing this or that. And by the way, if MS stole the technology from that other company, we already know that tech is BULLSH1T because xbox 360 games are still pirated like crazy. That small company is suing MS for violating a patent for a security measure that doesn't even work.

EDIT: Look at the idiot below me. Sony Rep, I'd take a bubble away from you but I already know you have several accounts to replenish your supply. Suffice it to say that you are a bad person and if I met you starving in the street I'd look the other way.

Enigma_20993808d ago

Double standards my @ss.. and yes I'm getting a kick out of this news. That's $388 million less they can use to screw the competition over. Who knows... if they run out of money, maybe they'll be forced to give up all those exclusive JRPGs they bought... you know, the ones they claimed came on board because they thought it was the "superior" system...

Omegasyde3808d ago

"Fanboy rants are spewed all over the internet on a daily basis. Why add to the issue? "

Gj Chris

Spoony, you automatically riled up the Ps3 fans. What if that canadian guy (first comment) was a Nintendo fanboy?

It would be ok then huh?

Please leave N4g, your fooling no one Fan boy/girl. $$$$ = jobs, meaning something is going to have to get cut which unfortunately could be jobs. You don't care however, you are heartless miscreant hiding behind a monitor.

darkzodiac553807d ago

hmm good to know that you are sony´s financial advisor

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Omegasyde3808d ago

Come on, grow a heart. That money lost could hurt the company and Microsoft might have to do more lay-offs.

Mr Face Creamer3807d ago

That's 16x times how much Sony is going to profit from the PS3.