Final Fantasy VII Turks Mod 1.1 Released

This mod from refoopseman replaces Cloud and company with Rufus and the Turks.

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Sarick3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Ohh, this isn't happening.

SE just sent one to the modders of the Crono Trigger game. I'm thinking this one might be seeing one soon too. Link >>

With this information I doubt SE will sit back and support this mod.

iamtehpwn3808d ago

Chrono trigger Resurrection was making a remake. NOT a mod. It was fully 3d.
This is just a mod of the original FFVII PC, where there are thousands of mods in existence already.

Such as High-res NPC mod, and I've heard rumblings of an Advent Children clothing mod coming out.

evrfighter3808d ago

It's released already. Once it's out on the web IT'S RELEASED ALREADY. no letter is going to stop people that want it from getting it.

MajesticBeast3808d ago

se are a$$holes in the biggest sense of the word. Just look at mushroom kingdom hasnt been shutdown by either nintendo nor microsoft capcom or any other games it uses. Maybe if they actually made a new chrono game people would stop doing this and if they dont release a new game give these guys a chance maybe freaking pick it up from them. It looked pretty good.

schommerc3808d ago

This sounds really cool, I will have to investigate it