What Is The Highest Attainable Score In Flight Control? writes:

"Flight Control has to be one of the most addicting, low-cost games available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is simple, just land as many aircraft as possible without causing a mid-air collision. It sounds easy, but once you crash and burn, you instantly just want to try and better your previous score. With the addition of Firemint's cloudcell technology, the game has become even more addicting by allowing you to compare scores and rankings with players around the world. That brings us to the point, what is the highest attainable score in Flight Control?"

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Odie3813d ago

It is just carelessness that triumphs. Anywho.... My highest is only 112 thus far but working on it. :8-)

dubbalubagis3813d ago

You just have to somehow not make a mistake! My highest score right now is 868 and every time I have crashed it has been a careless mistake as Odie so kindly pointed out.

SpoonyRedMage3813d ago

I just played this before, it's alright.

dubbalubagis3813d ago

Once you sign up for a cloudcell account and can compare your scores and rankings with other players, it becomes more than alright.

SpoonyRedMage3813d ago

Well I dn't have an ipod touch/iphone but I was playing it on a friends.

I'll be sure to tell them though.;)