X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review (ZTGD)

KW writes: In the early '90s, I entered the comic book phase of my life. While I read some stuff from DC and Image, I mainly read a couple of Marvel titles. One of those titles was Wolverine. As I sat in my room reading, I thought to myself that this guy is a badass. I mean, he had retractable claws, a healing factor, unbreakable bones, heightened senses, and a screw you attitude. This guy was pretty much unstoppable. For many years I continued to read his adventures, not only in his title, but in the many X-Men comics as well, and it left a lot of questions open about his past that I needed answers to. Thankfully, Marvel released an origin story for this very popular character that answered a lot of those questions. Fast forward to today, that story has been made into a movie and a video game. Needless to say, both weren't what I was expecting.

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Highatus3808d ago

Playing this game now. And it is very well done for a movie/game adaptation.

Plus i'm a fan of marvel lore especially Wolverines. Heck i still have the first full 3 sets of Marvel cards, that may be a contributing factor with my likeness for this game.

DelbertGrady3808d ago

I love it too. And it's longer than most other action games. I've probably clocked in around 12 hours or so and I haven't completed it yet. Will be replaying it on higher difficulty levels straight away when I'm done.

I get the feeling reviewers are holding down their scores because it's a movie game. 9/10 in my book. It's very hard to put down the controller.

Highatus3808d ago

Well put, I completely agree Soda. It is hard to put down and i will be playing through again... Once i finish it first of course:D

spunnups3808d ago

I heard the game is better than the movie.

CobraKai3808d ago

Does the game follow the movie's plotlines directly or is it more of a side story? Also, i've been getting a lot of mixed reviews about the movie. Considering that I found X3 enjoyable, do you think I'd like the movie?

SonyRulz3808d ago

LOL....if you liked X3, you'll like pretty much ANYTHING. :/

dachiefsman3808d ago

wow if you thought X3 was enjoyable you will probably love wolverine. Origins Wolverine is heads above X3 in my opinion and I am a huge fan of both Wolverine and the X-men.

The game trumps the movie hands down.

CobraKai3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Yeah, i get that a lot but no, I don't like anything. You should hear the tirades I get after I mention how much I loathe the LOTR movies. uggghhhhhhhh. BARF!!!!! :)

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