Duke Nukem Forever: 28 HD Screenshots & Entire Plot Leaked

Voodoo Extreme at IGN write: "The leaks keep on coming! This time we've got twenty-eight Full HD screenshots from Duke Nukem Forever, some level layout art, and spreadsheets detailing the entire game, from start to finish!"

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KionicWarlord2223812d ago


now i seem like a fool...

Well...*coughs* nice screen shots.

lociefer3812d ago

da.mnit , i really wanted this game , no1 can beat the duke, may he rests in peace until another company takes the rights to make a duke game

cayal3811d ago

We get more info after the company shut its door then we did i nthe past 10 years.

spandexxking3812d ago

such a shame, the more i see of this game the it seems like it would of been great!

FragMnTagM3812d ago

Not the most graphical game, but it would have been FUN. And I'm willing to bet it would have its lasting appeal like The early Duke games.

phosphor1123812d ago

They wouldn't have let the plot be leaked if it was going to be shown at E3 by some miracle. 13 years..and for what? Kind of sad...

spandexxking3811d ago

yep, you can always bet on duke:)

SeanScythe3812d ago

Be careful once you get to the girl images they are NSFW! Boobies!

dogmeat eater3812d ago

But I doubt this game is ever going to see a release date.

outlawlife3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

im pretty sure this isn't ue2

timestoby3812d ago

lol,wots so special about this.its so so dated.looks like something on xbox with some AA.isnt there a gay undertone to duke anyway.

PirateThom3812d ago

Did you just call Duke Nukem gay?


FragMnTagM3812d ago

Duke is the farthest thing from being gay man. If you must know, play the games.

dogmeat eater3812d ago

It would be a good plot twist.

Elvfam5113812d ago

Don't know what you looking at
But those screens look really good
i don't know about outdated
If you don't like it fine but this
would of been up there with the games that
are out now

dogmeat eater3812d ago

kind of look like haze graphics. But this is coming from the unreal 2 engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.