Purchase a PlayStation Portable PSP-3000, get a free game is offering a free PlayStation Portable game with the purchase of the most recent PlayStation Portable (PSP-3000) game system. There are three good games to select from: God of War: Chains of Olympus, LocoRoco and Hot Shots Golf Open Tee. Not a bad way to start playing on the PSP!

"For a limited time, when you purchase a PSP 3000 Core Pack - Black, you can get a qualifying PSP Greatest Hits title for free*. Offer limited to products shipped and sold by Offer begins at 12:00 AM Pacific time on 5/10/09 and ends at 11:59 PM Pacific time on 5/16/09. This offer may not be combined with other offers or promotional certificates. Limit one free game per household.
*Tax and shipping charges may apply."

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Chris3993812d ago

Lends credence to the new PSP model soon to be announced. Looking forward to a new model actually - hope the rumor is true. I've had the 2000 since it launched and love it, but wouldn't mind some fancy new features :)

Flash memory (or game install option for UMDs), a brighter screen (like the 3000) and who knows, maybe even the oft desired (but probably not going to happen) second analog stick.

E3 is going to be amazing. Well, except for the Nintendo show - that will likely suck for gaming enthusiasts.

Blaze9293812d ago

that actually could be the case, clearing stock for what may...or may not be...the PSP2

RememberThe3573812d ago

Don't let Sev hear you say that. lol Apparently it is NOT a PSP2. just an other updated PSP.

Elimin83812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )



Ps_alm3k3812d ago

I want it too but, is it going to piss off the previous older version model owner?
If they don't mind then i don't mind, what do you guys think?