CCP Games to revamp the lore of EVE Online


"Gonzales points out that EVElopedia (EVE Online's wiki) is now a repository for all of the game's backstory content. For those long-time players who remember the ISD Aurora events, the game's official wiki now has accounts of these events, linked to the 'news' stories that originally accompanied them. In this respect, and despite whatever lore changes are in the pipeline, these events will remain a documented part of New Eden's history. Gonzales says, "This infusion of content is part of our own efforts to help give EVElopedia 'critical mass', which essentially means empowering you -- the community -- to tend to its well-being. Although it's still a work in progress, we encourage you to use this powerful tool to establish the legacy of your own alliance or corporation, and help us to keep the canon accurate as the story of EVE continues."

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