One Shots: Hyborian cliffs


"With the recent graphics upgrades and the work going into the game by Craig Morrison and his team at Funcom - including that pretty tasty level 50 patch coming up - players are turning again to check out Age of Conan. We know from just what we here at Massively experienced, the game is certainly doing far better than it fared at launch. But to get back to the point of this column, today we're bringing you a lovely cliff-side image from Age of Conan sent in to us by Brenden M. He didn't send in anything aside from this great image, so we'll have to rely on our imaginations to figure out what this spot is for. Hyborian hangliding? Cliff diving? Maybe this is where they play their favorite impromptu game "Bounce the Pict" - drop your Pictish enemies off the cliff and see how far they bounce when they hit bottom. Furthest bounce wins!"

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