Duke Nukem Forever - Only 3 years in development?

HorrorStyle: "The former employee of 3D Realms Mark Skelton aka Marks not only has posted the Duke Nukem Forever high-res 3D renders, but he also has revealed some details of the development situation. Whilst technically 'in development' for well over a decade, it would appear from his words that it has only been in the past two or three years that any real progress been made. Of course, that's just a single opinion, but nevertheless it sheds some light on the DNF mystery."

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madmonkey03809d ago

they must of needed to start from scratch many times. technology has changed alot since 97.

HorrorStyle3809d ago

..the initial plans were to release game in mid-1998

Trebius3809d ago

But i'm sick of hearing about him...

His legacy was over before it even began. Sad.

BRACHATTACK3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Can everybody stop fussing over this game?

It doesn't deserve all of this attention, the previous games were terrible!

edit - Wow! I wasn't expecting an agree. I guess i'm not the only person to find this game overrated...

spunnups3809d ago

Not horrible, but definitely overhyped. They were fun, and that's all that matters.

xino3809d ago

exactly madmonkey.
Because they kept jumping from one engine to another.

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KionicWarlord2223809d ago

Alot duke articles...guess everyone likes duke.

" You're an inspiration for birth control baby"

Alcohog3809d ago

I kinda hope it never comes out, just for the sheer humor of its legacy.

As for the above poster who says all former Duke games were terrible, I disagree. Duke Nukem 3-D was pretty awesome for its time, not to mention it pushed the censorship boundaries. The originals were something to behold in their era as well. I miss those old PC games like Duke and Commander keen. Classics man, don't hate. They paved the way for today's games.

Sonyslave33809d ago

If MS announce Duke is coming to xbox 360 only i might have a heart attacked.

dogmeat eater3809d ago

Then we wont have to see you here ever again :)

Sonyslave33809d ago

dog meat you gonna be the first person on my haunt list.

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The story is too old to be commented.