Capcom: Lost Planet 2 PC 'still unconfirmed'

CVG: Capcom has told us that Lost Planet 2 for PC is still yet to be confirmed, after a supposed official list of Capcom games to appear at E3 this year listed the game for 360 and PC.

Currently only officially announced for 360, it's widely expected to hit PC and PS3 - probably a few months after the 360 debut, as the original did.

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GiantEnemyCrab3817d ago

Agreed. This game is really looking to take LP to a whole new level.

thebudgetgamer3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

but doesnt it seem like capcom is hurting their own profits? its been prooven that when big games come out at the same time on both consoles it sales are close with more going towards the 360. its also been prooven that when you have timed exclusives ie bioshock and lost planet 1 the latter console (ps3) it doesnt sell as well as if they are released together. anyways as long as i get to play it eventualy i will be happy.

:) edit: i just watched the vid. holy crap

KionicWarlord2223817d ago

ah the open zone...

cozy here.

also this game...looks amazing...look at the grass and the monster..


GiantEnemyCrab3817d ago

Yes some of the best foliage physics I've seen in a while on consoles. Flower did some great grass effects but to see it all in motion with all the stuff going on is really impressive.

Open Zone seems to be lacking from all the loudmouths who were going off on Xbox in the other article falsely confirming LP2 for the PC.

Probably the same people still waiting for Gears 2 and Halo 3 on PC.

likedamaster3817d ago

Microsoft/Capcom did not have a special announcement of this game on Live for nothing. They know we played the first game and loved it and knew we would get excited about a sequel. Can't wait.

Shaka2K63817d ago

Happy beta-testing Xbugs.