Duke Nukem Cancellation is Pure Viral Marketing

Kris Erickson writes:

"This weekend press outlets all over the net were lamenting the closure of 3D Realms and the possible last-minute cancellation of Duke Nukem Forever. The more we reflected on the news, however, the more we have become suspicious of the stories coming out of 3D Realms and resonating around the geek-o-sphere. Sure, studio closures are commonplace in the current economic recession, and we admit that the cancellation would make sense, especially if the developers really have accomplished nothing in the last 12 years of the game's development. Those cold facts aside, something tells us this story is fishy. And besides, everyone knows you never bet against the Duke."

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clinker3808d ago

I 100% agree with this article. Something just is not right with this announcement, the timing, and that weird blog post about psycho Cliffy B. I think the truth will come out by the end of the week.

Duke Nukem Fall 2009!

3808d ago Replies(2)
Canary3808d ago

Does anyone seriously care?

Duke Nukem is a generic shooter whose chief selling point is how generic it is. WTF? I'm as excited about it now as I was when it was first announced.



That is to say, not at all excited, if you caught my meaning.

clinker3808d ago

But here we are talking about this (generic) game, which makes their marketing stunt even that much more impressive.

MiloGarret3808d ago

Lol the picture looks more like a "Mission accomplished" type foto than a Ijustlostmyjob-foto. I don't know, I love conspiracy theories, and if this actually was an elaborate plan to promote DNF then at the moment they came true I'd stand up and clap because it would be fücking awesome. But it seems like a liiiiittle too much.

PirateThom3808d ago

And let it be known, I claimed this was all a big hoax first. On here. N4G. PirateThom.