Ubisoft mocks Wii

You may remember seeing the latest Rabbids Go Home trailer, but did you miss the joke?
Did you miss how Ubisoft mocks the Wii and all it's interactive party games?

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Product3816d ago

Best screen is that of the Rabbid with the wii remote on his ears.

Jake11113815d ago

I have the wii... It is basically a coffee holder and I only take it out for wii bowling when I have couples over.

If sonys motion stick is all that they say it is, I will sell the wii immediately....

avantgarde843816d ago

What a bunch of hypocrites.

nintendohomie3816d ago

Does seem that way but atleast they are making a platformer instead of another party game

SinnedNogara3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

True, but they won't port any of their other good games to the Wii like Tom Clancy. Ubisoft and their relationship with the Wii is a mixed bag. Sometimes they do good with it, sometimes they give us a bad party game like "Cosmic Family".

karan86243815d ago

I still think it was pretty funy :P

avantgarde843816d ago

sidar usually doesnt come in the open zone.

TheMART3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

They just perfectly know the target audience on the Wii:

Fat mums, lazy sisters, 5 year olds, granny's, retards and morons. It isn't bad to make it clear, nah? THey're just spot on...

@ The one below

Ah a rare Nintendo fan in wild. Interesting.
You are aware you're in the Open Zone, right? The Zone were we speak out and not hold in what is the truth and less moderated as the Nazi/NSB gamerzone were the Sony Defense Force or Nintendo Turd Brigade votes any negative comment down, right?

nintendohomie3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

oh mart how you spam this place
Edit:@ above

Just because your in the open zone to get your rocks off doesn't mean you still cant spam.

SpoonyRedMage3816d ago

I thought they were having a laugh about the other Rabbids games. Either that or they are hypocrites.

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The story is too old to be commented.