Red Steel 2 faces a huge risk

NintendoDpad reports:
"Red Steel 2 looks to be what we all thought the original Red Steel would initially be. MotionPlus makes sword fighting a reality this time around but making MotionPlus a necessity might not be such a great thing. Jason Vandenberghe, creative director of Red Steel 2, explains why making MotionPlus mandatory could backfire."

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Product3810d ago

They wont have to worry, WiiSports resort will sell like hotcakes.

SinnedNogara3810d ago

But I am not going to buy Sports Resort!

I really hope if they release a bundle, they don't add the Jacket. I already have 4 normal ones, so why do I need more!!

dogmeat eater3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Edit: The first one was just a generic shooter. The 2nd one will probably suffer the same fate.

Gr813810d ago

What he's trying to say is "the game is exclusive to a console I love to hate, and since I'm going to be missing out on a great game, let me just trash it so I don't feel like I'm missing out on much".

dogmeat eater3810d ago

But I'm not missing out on anything. Neither is anyone who doesn't own a wii.

avantgarde843810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

bubbles to Arius

Primal Rex3810d ago

But will wii motion plus be packed with red steel 2 or do you have to buy wii sports resort to get motion plus. If you do then its a con !!!

avantgarde843810d ago

wii motion plus will be a pack-in for tiger woods and wii sports resort in NA. $20 alone. so it wont be that bad

Primal Rex3810d ago

But i have a problem in having to buy a game i dont wont in order to play a game i do !!!

avantgarde843810d ago

i see what you mean. Well the game doesnt come out till winter or something. Do what my friend did. Reserve your games at target to get those 5 dollar gift cards. after 4 games you could just walk into target and get the motionplus with the giftcards you got from reserving.

That is if you are goign to buy 4 games leading up to the release of red steel.

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The story is too old to be commented.