X-MEN Origins Banned In Middle East

CriousGamer Writes....According to the Distributors in Middle East, X-MEN Origins the game has been banned, It's has been banned on all platforms except 'Nintendo DS'.

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Whitefeather3809d ago

Bullshit, I bought Xmen here in Qatar and every single game shop carries it. Same with Godfather 2 and all the other "banned" games.

Maisay3809d ago

Well, were they published legally?
Also, the source can't claim the entire ME as one nation as one thing can be banned in one country but not the other. For example, The Matrix 3 movie was banned from Egypt but not most of the other ME countries.

Finally, since we have eBay, I don't really care what anybody does there as long as I can still get my gaming fix via online orders.

Droid Control3809d ago

thats these games are for adults and as such should only be sold to adults. How the frak can you ban an adult game to adults?

FRAK you!

ban adults films, books, and music then, d!ckmanglers!"