KYM: Angels & Demons Review

Dan Brown may not be considered a literary genius, but he sure knows how to write a book that sells. The Da Vinci Code has sold over 60 million copies worldwide, and the movie made a pretty penny too. Angels & Demons isn't quite as well known, but the upcoming movie's almost a guaranteed hit.

This mobile game of the movie doesn't really try all that hard to incorporate elements of the film into its gameplay though. There are text-based story interludes between each level, but Angels & Demons is really just an abstract puzzler.

Each level consists of a game board populated with different sorts of pegs. These pegs can jump over each other, after which the pegs skipped over are destroyed. Your aim is to get rid of as many pegs as possible- it's easy to be left over with a scattering of disparate pegs that are too far away from each other to get rid of though.

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