The Creeps! Update Will Add New Towers and Maps

Russell Bernau of Super Squawk Software let us know that he has submitted a major version update to his popular Tower Defense game The Creeps! [App Store].

The Creeps! is a fun and charming Tower Defense game that has been a reader favorite. The game incorporates a a few twists to the Tower Defense genre, including the presence of physical objects (trees, gravestones) that must be destroyed before you can build towers on those spots. An abbreviated list of changes include:

New location added: "Under the Ocean"
Added 5 new ocean themed Creeps (and boss versions of all 5)
Added 4 new "Survival" maps
Added 4 new "Endurance" maps
Added a new game type: "Door Buster" (Race against the clock, objective is to destroy the door!)
Added 6 new "Door Buster" maps
Added New Tower: "Paper Shuriken" (moves in straight line until it hits a terrain obstacle, piercing through creeps along the way, high damage)
Added New Tower: "Piggy Bank" (doesn't attack, collects coins via interest. Break open to get the cash, but once broken it cannot be used again)
Added difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard)
Added Fast Forward (double speed)

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