Blizzard Ousts Nintendo As Most Successful Developer

This year's Develop 100 list has been published by Issuu and Blizzard Entertainment have ousted Nintendo be the most bankable studio in their 2009 list.

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Selyah3815d ago

Thats quite an impressive leap.

kesvalk3814d ago

if blizzard says so...

Pebz3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Think maybe you missread the title (I did, before reading the story) as Blizzard saying that Nintendo are the most successful developers, but it's actually about profits. Blizzard > Nintendo basically.

Here I was thinking they were ready to announce World of Mariocraft for the Wii...

SpoonyRedMage3814d ago

Pebz don't pretend that wouldn't be awesome. I'd be a Toadstool Paladin with a Blue Yoshi mount.

Pebz3814d ago

I wouldn't dare to pretend that it wouldn't be awesome, Nintendo's Mario department and Blizzard are both the stuff of legends. But it would still be somewhat silly.

Yes, things can be both silly and awesome at the same time.

SpoonyRedMage3814d ago

I was only joking about you pretending it won't be awesome;).

At least bunny hopping would make a bit of sense.

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Shane Kim3814d ago

Sales, sales and more sales. Very good Nintendo that you have managed to decieve so many people and trick them into buying your games. Too bad that your games count for sh!t when comes to quality.

(my opinion only).

Smacktard3814d ago

Outside of Wii Play and Wii Music, Nintendo's games are nothing but quality. Metacritic disagrees with you. I don't know if this is supposed to be a joke account or what.

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