New PS3-firmware during the E3?

PS3-Sense writes: "According to a reliable source, who prefers to remain anonymous, Sony will release a new feature for the PlayStation 3 during this year's E3. This feature would be available directly through a firmware update released during the E3."

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Fishy Fingers3807d ago

Cross game/Private chat would be the top of my "priorities", hopefully the speak of Skype has some truth to it, it'd be nice to include a useful feature and also one that expends beyond your PS3 alone.

Skyping my online buddies through my iphone (or whatever) would be pretty cool.

Microsoft Xbox 3603807d ago

Skype would probably be the best addition to PSN and the PS3.

interrergator3807d ago

pray there will be ingame private chat and ingame invite

Lifendz3807d ago

PSN is instantly as good if not better than XBL. I'm fine with the XMB interface. I think it's easy to navigate and I love that my screen is not overly cluttered but I can see how some people new to the PS3 are sort've overwhelmed by it. In any event the rumors for E3 are so out of control that I can't wait.

FlameBaitGod3807d ago

alarm clock!! PLZ!!! ....................... LOL JK!

WhittO3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

i dont understand why people want cross-game invite, you will have to put the disk in and load the game up the same anyway, the only difference is when you load the game up, you click on invites then join game, instead of doing it on the XMB, i really see no significant gain.

Cross-game chat would be a really useful feature, one of the main problems i have with XMB chat is that you cant do anything while in chat, like play music or anything, i hope they fix this in the new FW update.

They have already fixed slow-loading trophies, which was my main problem haha. Also the store doesnt need much change as it loads fast etc.

EDIT: a party system is a different matter, that would be a really great feature on ps3, keeping the same people in the same games/chat as they change through different games etc, that really is an amazing feature on the 360 (prob the most important/useful feature).

sack_boi3807d ago

Alarm clock or the ability to text-chat with over 100 people while playing Call of Duty would be instant win.

CrayzeeCarl3807d ago

I agree about cross-game invites. I don't see the attraction to that for the same reason as you: you will still have to switch discs.

Jinxstar3807d ago

@ Crazy.

unless it's PSN titles. like fat princess.

Shadow Flare3807d ago

*crosses fingers*

cmon time machine

WhittO3807d ago

ye but you will still have to load up the game exactly the same as you do now, the only difference would be accepting the invite in the game instead of the XMB.

Tragedy3807d ago

VidZone will be released June 4th 2009.

WhittO3807d ago

Vidzone is only releasing in Europe isnt it ?

Id MUCH prefer the video store than Vidzone!!
They have episodes up like the day after they have aried in the US !! Wouldve watched Battlestar Galactica and Terminator from the vid store.

I_am_rushin3807d ago

seems plausible, but I don't think it will be anything huge.

GarandShooter3807d ago

@ Whitto & Crazy

Here's how it works. I'm playing Resistance 2. I see you in my friends list playing another game. I send you an invite to play Resistance 2. You accept invitation. You load Resistance 2 and automatically come to my party. That's the beauty of being able to perform cross game invites and accept them at the XMB.

MazzingerZ3807d ago


I agree with what you say about needing to boot up the disk anyway, when I had my X360 by the time I inserted the disk and the game started, sometimes either the room was full, game started or I just couldn't join (connection lost) not always work like many people say, in Gears you had to access the multiplayer screen first and then accept the invite via in-game dashboard of course... in many cases didn't work and had to ask for a new invite as it's gone as soon as you accept it regardless of it went ok to join or not...maybe they have fixed this

that's a great feature in XBL regardless, on the PS3 would be even better due to the digital distributed games, there you wouldn't need to look for any disc, at least not for games like Warhawk, SOCOM, Wipeout HD, Burnout....just accept and join as the game is in your HDD, just like today you can jump from one game to the other via in-game XMB.

I don't really think they can implement that feature as flexible as in XBL, not saying it's impossible but Microsoft built XBL with that in mind, anyway, in the latest patch, Wipeout HD included game invites from lobby games which can be accessed from any screen via the select button and join but I guess you need to be in the game to see them

R6V2 had invites that you got and could see in the XMB as messages there you could see game type, map,etc...Lego Star wars too (co-op) and you could even edit the text...that's for me is the key feature, to be able to get them as a message regardless of what game you are playing, I don't care if I have to go an extra screen to join my buddie's game, like you wrote, you have to boot up the game anyway...

I think many would be happy as long as you could get them as a message regardless of what game you are playing.

RememberThe3573807d ago

The E3 presentation is from SCEA, they don't deal with Europe and Australia. It would be nice though. The service already has 50% of the music industries... music.

Face Palm3807d ago

According to a reliable source, who like to remain anonymous, will Sony during E3 to announce a new feature for the console. This feature will be immediately available by a firmware update during E3 gelaunched will be. What exactly this feature will hold for us a mystery, but that really is going to be fat is almost a sure thing, says the source. The E3 2009 promises to be the E3 Sony Computer Entertainment, with many spectacular announcements and new gameplay images, among other God of War III, Heavy Rain, MAG, and much more.

Omegasyde3807d ago

Fishy Cross Game chat/Group chat should be the priority.

The text chat room is useless. It does make messaging easier IF IF IF you have that keypad or a keyboard.

I play consoles because I prefer to play with the controller instead of a mouse.

Black_McGrath3806d ago

No one wants the ability to send music or a videos via messaging.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3807d ago

...or move the battery indicator off of the time indicator...either one.

Johnny Rotten3807d ago

lol the battery icon over the clock is classic. It only makes sense when I'm half in the bag!

Kushan3807d ago

If they add software backwards compatibility for PS2 games, my PS3's usage would triple overnight.

themyk3807d ago

i have bc thank god. i just got done playing the first two sly coopers. great games btw.

all black 20 gig ps3 ftw. i call it darth vader.

you do have to upgrade that hdd though. but i love the look of the 20 gig the most. when mine died and i had to send it back i called and made sure they were going to send me another 20 gig. i didn't want them to upgrade me. lol.

anh_duong3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

although i have two BC 60 gig ps3 (jap and pal), i am not bother about BC since i install all my ps2 games on a hard drive using hdloader... faster game loading; none of that flaffing around for games disk and less wear and tear on the laser..

alhtough i think BC is doable and should be done (even though i won't personally need it) i doubt sony will do it because it requires testing and coding..

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Sangria3807d ago

Cross-game chat is a top priority, but i also would like Sony redo the profiles. It takes too much time to load whereas on 360 it's instantaneous.

themyk3807d ago

true that. i might actually give a sh1t about other peoples trophies and profiles if they loaded faster.

Omegasyde3807d ago


I'd rather have a public trophy room for home.

They really should have that by now with unique 3d trophies.

CypH3807d ago

thats cool expand on psn

x MiL x3807d ago

Tchat in game and invit in game ! PlZ !

locos853807d ago

We already have text chat........