Videogamer: Tiger Woods PGA Tour iPhone Review

Videogamer writes: Much like the proverbial tiger let out of the cage (double entendre anyone?) EA has recently reaffirmed its commitment to the iPhone with the dual App Store release of two of its largest franchises: Need for Speed and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

For anyone familiar with the Tiger Woods series the iPod iteration will feel right at home. You pick from a series of pro golfers or create one of your own through a fairly stripped down character editor. Playing through any one of the seven real life courses earns you money (through good fairway drives, long putts etc, as well as birdies and eagles) with the aim being to buy your way onto the PGA tour. Unlike the console titles control is implemented via a touch screen interface that let's you do everything from smash long drives down the fairway to curve shots around trees. Running a finger down the screen raises your club skywards (setting power) whilst flicking it back up the screen brings the club down (setting accuracy). The system works brilliantly, and while it's never going to replace the sensation of swinging a real club it does a fantastic job of bringing a bit of added feeling to the game.

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