Ve3tro: inFamous, Demo Impressions

Ve3tro writes: "I wasn't excited about InFamous until recently. I had heard of the game certainly, and would read previews with a mild sort of interest, but overall, the game appeared to me to just be yet another sandbox game, touting inconsequential merits of player freedom and possibility.

Grand Theft Auto had long since tired me of the concept and with each new entry into that particular set of games that supposedly let you "create" your own story I've found myself more and more disenchanted with the idea. Similarly, it's been a long time since I've played any sort of superhero games. I haven't picked one up since the days of playing X-Men on my Game Gear; after the 90s expired and I grew old enough to identify most super hero games as tie in trash, I've mostly stuck to comic books and movies. "

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Daz3812d ago

Dont just read the first paragraph :) not long now till its released