One In Five Japanese People Now Own A Nintendo DS

Kotaku writes: You may be aware, from hanging around the interent, that Japan loves the Nintendo DS. But it takes a nice little mix of pictures and statistics to really ram the point home.

This chart was released by Nintendo today, and shows the percentage of a market's population that owns a DS. By extension, it also explains succintly just how bonkers the Japanese population has been for the handheld. I mean, over 20% of the population owning a DS? Crazy. That's one in five Japanese people. Not one in five Japanese gamers. One in five Japanese people.

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Diselage5021d ago

So they hand them out like candy over there or what? Honestly what games are they getting for the DS over there that makes every one want to buy one.

FinalomegaS5020d ago

if you ever paid attention to MC or Famitsu SW chart, DS owns 3/4 of the top 50 most of the time.

fatstarr5021d ago

alot of games there, like million seller square enix games, and lots more games + i think everyone is on the go so a handheld to keep your time is more pratical than a console that only gets played 1-4 hours a day in your house

SpoonyRedMage5021d ago

It helps that some Japanese schools have DS's as compulsory equipment with some of the educational games.

The DS also has the most JRPGs this gen(and probably ever).

I want to see how DQIX does in Japan. It's going to be massive I think.

Anon19745021d ago

It's like 9-12 year old boys, then 30 year old women, then 9-12 year old girls and then 30 something men. Teens and 20 somethings are the least likely to own a Nintendo DS in Japan. Go figure.

FinalomegaS5020d ago

those statistics will be very hard to accept knowing there are 20% of an entire population that owns one. Only way I can see solid numbers of who owns one. Would be if the owner would have to enter the date/region/age of the owner and the data is sent to Nintendo via wifi.

Anon19745020d ago

I was wrong on the 9-12 year old boys though. It was 10-12 year old boys, then women in their 30's, 10-12 year old girls and then 30 something guys.