Nintendo Download (5/11/09)

Nintendo has issued the latest Nintendo Download announcing which VC/WiiWare/DSiWare games are available today.

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Highatus3812d ago

So... Where is Dr. Mario?? WTF?

I use my Wii(Virtual Console) mainly for games that i don't currently own for my Snes/nes systems... Where the hell is Dr. Mario??

I am however looking forward to Punch-Out.

SpoonyRedMage3812d ago

You mean on the Wii or DSi? Becuase Dr Mario is already on the DSi(in all regions I think).

I might end up getting Real Football 2009(it's been on the Dsiware for weeks in Europe) but I'm not really interested in Football.

Blink_443812d ago

Real football 2009 is good fun