First PES2010 screenshot

Konami Digital released there first in-game image from PES 2010.
It's a work in progress image with cover player Lionel Messi.

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Salta_nelas3809d ago

I was also going to post it, good work.

Notice the pic is in 1080p, mithg be indicative that the game supports this resolution or might be 1080p native :P

Looks amazing btw.

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Epic3809d ago

This is probably a screenshot from the opening cut scene/FMV rather than from IN A MATCH.. It looks too amazing.

I mean com'on.. look at the hair!! (Just too good to be true)
And the background crowd (yes I know it's been blurred but..) still too much for an IN-MATCH scene..

I wanna see gameplay footage before I get too excited.. but I hear to hoping I am completely wrong in a Killzone sort of way.

GVON3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

lol forget it just rambling on about the differences about the faces form these two screens,not worth posting about.

Baka-akaB3809d ago

It's probably in-game , and could easily be.

Look at fifa's (and pes as well) replays and close up , models are rendered a tad better there than with the real gameplay sequence , even when you use a camera close to the player .

And look at madden 2010 ... it's basically as good as that shoot , or even better .
Hell fifa 09 isnt that big an improvement in graphics , unlike madden .

Epic3809d ago

Taking your point to mind..

The face DOES looks very feasible to be be in-match graphics - especially considering the competition found in EA's fifa and madden..
I have no qualms with that..

BUT the hair for me doesn't look too feasible.. (especially considering how other similar games render hair in-game)..

Also, the crowd for me is a bit of a giveaway.. yes fifa/madden render crowds impressively (they animate them fairly well too) but this screenshot renders them too well ('depth-of-field' aside).. And this all has to take place IN-MATCH whilst other things are taking place...

it's a tad suspicious..

But once again I hope I am dead wrong and it will hit or surpass -what I believe it to be, a - 'target render'.. but i'm not getting my hopes up.. but maybe i'll be PESowned as oppose to killzowned.

locos853809d ago

2007 was the only game that PES (Winning Eleven) was better than Fifa.... Fifa hasn't looked back since.

-MoOkS-3809d ago

Soccer is a womens sport.

Agree if you're a man, disagree if you're a women or homosexual.

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The story is too old to be commented.