Sony expects first loss in 14 years amid downturn

TOKYO - Japanese electronics and entertainment company Sony Corp. reports its fiscal fourth quarter and full year earnings on Thursday. The following is a summary of key developments and analyst opinion related to the period.

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Sonyslave33817d ago

lol the ps3 sales still going down damn wtf man i thought their were 120 million people waiting to buy a ps3.

Beast_Master3817d ago

Considering this is the first time the company has not made a profit in 14 years and they are only 1.5 billion in the tank. I think you should shove your fist up your own arse. I know 1.5 billion sounds like a lot of money but to a company that makes 200 billion in revenue every year it is hardly a mountain that cannot be climbed. You do realize that Sony does more than sell video games right?

heroicjanitor3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Sony practically invented gaming the way it is on the 360, microsoft made a good online service and attached it. They also charged for it and stopped making games. Yet you are happy they are posting a loss? When Nintendo are making so much money from a machine which doesn't come close to either machine? It is like you guys are supporting football teams, except there are no matches to watch, and Sony is the only one making games. Nintendo doesn't even have to play they just advertise a lot(yes,more than microsoft, I see a wii or ds ad every break) and win.

Ps3fanbaby3817d ago

that doesnt mean nothing im stille proud of buying my ps3 since day one and i dont have search for good game cause they are all perfect.highest seller is not the best console

Sitdown3817d ago

That's a lot of love and credit you are throwing Sony's way.....

RememberThe3573817d ago

They changed the face of gaming forever. Nintendo brought it to the worlds living rooms, Sony made it mainstream, and MS added online. They all deserve credit for what they have done to the industry we love so much.

Sitdown3817d ago

So do you really think that if Sony never entered into the picture..that gaming would not be mainstream? I would like to believe that a lot of this stuff is natural progression...and the fore runners receive a lot of the credit....that is what I was trying to get at with heroicjanitor. The Atari, Nintendo Kids, and other earlier gamers have grown up...and in doing so, have brought fans along with them. So while Sony has its position in gaming history...lets not try and go overboard with credit toward them.

RememberThe3573817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

The thing is that this is not just natural progression. I do see what your saying, but the same could be said for Nintendo and MS. I happen to think that things would be very different if it wasn't for Sony and MS entering the market.

The concept of natural progression is too simple. It obviously has a part, but it is not the whole picture. Sony and MS brought with them experience that neither Sega or Nintendo had, and that's experience in other industries. Sony and MS were able to take what they did best and adapt them to the game industry. They are still doing it today. Sony and MS are able to tap resources that Nintendo and Sega didn't and still don't have. That means a lot when it come to R&D.

n4f3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

than you must be a new born gamers than u did not game before

@ps3fanbaby than by that logic the ps2 is not a great console?

slpknt6sic63817d ago

"So do you really think that if Sony never entered into the picture..that gaming would not be mainstream? " no body is saying it would never happen. but don't forget that Sony has more game studios then Nintendo and Microsoft combined. they bring the games to the table. we gamer (or as people say ps3 fanboys) love Sony for the games they give us. i cant see myself without gow, grad turismo, warhawk, uncharted, ratchet, jak and daxter, the list can go on... i know ratchet is insomniac but they equal sony in my book lol im not saying microsoft is not bringing games they gave us gears... wait that was epic. ok halo. and more halo but i know 10 million people say its DA bees Knees! even tho i disagree.

slpknt6sic63817d ago

"lol the ps3 sales still going down damn wtf man i thought their were 120 million people waiting to buy a ps3." ok its clear that you made your account with trolling in mind. but let me ask you something.. do you really think the ps3 will fail? its doing just fine by the way and as blu-ray becomes mainstream the ps3 will take off.

Sitdown3816d ago

And for each game you named...I bet we could find titles that preceded it. So to a degree, such games already existed....Sony just improved on them...that is what evolutions is. This has nothing to do with how many studios has....its about acknowledging...that if not Sony, it would have been somebody else. It's a bit much to credit Sony for making video games mainstream.....especially when we had the pacman craze.

PS. I actually think that bluray taking off could go either way regarding helping the ps3.

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sack_boi3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Well since the PS3 is still very expensive and isn't backwards compatible anymore, those 120M people are still waiting for Sony to get their sh!t together.

Sony Rep3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Microsoft still paying off...

xbox 1 failure
RROD warranties
E47 warranties
Too Human

haha. Microsoft still paying off debt. No wonder they can't afford any new games for the 360... And ya worried about Sony??

RememberThe3573817d ago

I'd say they're about even right now.

kalistyles3817d ago

Why would you wish a downfall of an Empire? Makes no sense.

Fox013817d ago

When that empire is Sony it make a lot of sense. During the PS2 era, SCE was pretty much a d!ck. It feels good to see that they're getting their @ss handled this gen.

Christopher3817d ago

And yet Microsoft has been a d!ck since the mid 80s... hate to see them get taken down a peg...

Unbiased13817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Yeah they(Sony) were "d!cks" by giving us best line up(PS2) ever, how dare they!!!

ShabzS3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

its good to see that sony is being forced to innovate and try new things thanks to microsoft... but job cuts and losses are not the way it should happen

Megaton3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Yeah screw Sony! Two generations back to back providing the best game libraries ever, how dare they?!

No matter how you feel about the PS3, Sony leaving the gaming industry would be a colossal blow to gaming in general. Unfortunately some of you knuckledraggers are too wrapped up in this idiotic 'console war' to see that.

40cal3817d ago

While you are wishing for the downfall of Sony you may want to stop and Realize that John Legend, yeah the guy in your avatar, is published and distributed by Columbia whose Parent company is Sony Music Entertainment. Stupid ass.

Further more the loss that Sony is about to post has more to do with the change in exchange rates (Yen getting stronger) than it dose with the Playstation division. We will get an in depth look on Thursday.

ultimolu3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Fox, you could say the same thing about another certain company could you?

Why am I not surprised that people are running around on this thread screaming doom for the PS3 already?

There is a recession going on. Sony's not the only company reporting losses and laying off workers. Some of you need to grow up and face the real world.

This isn't always about the f*cking videogames.

RememberThe3573817d ago

Sony is going to start relying more on the PS3 and the PSN. Stringer sees a lot of potential in these two products and wants to see them both grow.

Sorry haters, The PlayStation is here to stay.

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