GamePyre: Trivial Pursuit - 360 Review

GamePyre writes: When it comes to board games, Trivial Pursuit is one of the more popular ones. I would love to be a game show contestant but I know better. About the only show I would do well on would be The Price is Right and only if they would have a video game pricing section. However, playing Trivial Pursuit with your friends can be the best next thing. But playing Trivial Pursuit in a video game might be even better than playing it on the actual board for two main reasons. First, no one can cheat; there is no card hiding or miss-shuffling or anyone getting mad and kicking the board. Also, setting up the game and cleaning up after yourself can be a matter of seconds; now, all you have to do is turn off the game, put away the controllers and you're done. But before I get all excited about not having to clean up hundreds of cards I better take a good close look at the game and make sure that it actually works well in all aspects besides just the easiness of cleaning up.

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