Splash Damage's new 'genre-breaking' shooter at E3

TVGB: "Enemy Territory developer Splash Damage will be showing off their new unannounced game at E3 next month. This is probably the same project they partnered with Bethesda with and were hiring top talent for last year."

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CoxMulder3813d ago

I'll be watching this developer closely, the original Enemy Territory is imo (one of) the best online shooter(s) of its time... and it was FREE!!

@ Agent-X
Care to share?

peeps3813d ago

yeh. i never got quake wars:et, but the original was great. I would have gladly have paid for it. Just loved the objective based modes where you would complete objectives 1 at a time before the main obj (i especially liked fuel dump)

so yeh will keep an eye on what this might be.