'Noob' could be the millionth English word

'Noob' could well be the millionth word in the English language – a milestone set to be reached within the coming weeks.

The news comes directly from the Global Language Monitor that estimates the millionth word in the English language is set to arrive on June 10th, 2009 at 10:22 am, British Summer Time.


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Diselage5010d ago

Good to see the gaming culture getting it's word put in. Makes me so proud of all of us.

jessehaysfl5010d ago

really? really? noob makes you proud?......ahhh just giving shiat

Diselage5010d ago

Well I'll raise my hand next time though so everyone can tell I'm being sarcastic.

jessehaysfl5010d ago

yeah thats one of the crappy things about the interwebs I was also trying to be funny. I failed.

theKiller5010d ago

what does NOOB mean exactly??

jessehaysfl5010d ago

@the killer

From my post below


i remember back in my D1 battledotnet days when it was "new bee" then
"newb" now its "noob" ............damn I feel old it was only like twelve years ago.... "assays are teh hottness essays." -edit

7thNightvolley5010d ago

noob is word describing someone with less or no skill in a particular endeavor

he is a noob (has no skill)

Ellessdee5010d ago

i thought noob ment your a rookie in a game. like you just started playing so your not good at it yet. you know 'new'b. what if you just suck at a game but you've been playing it for months, would you still be a noob? like, if somebody that plays god of war can only beat the game on easy mode, but they've played through it a dozen times, do they still constitute as a noob?

anyways, back on topic, i dont think internet slang should be counted as a real word just because its popular. i mean, what would happen to the english language if words like 'lol' and 'omg' became real terms? disaster, thats what.

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koehler835010d ago

Ironic that such a lingual milestone would be occupied by the word 'Noob'

Gun_Senshi5010d ago

I can use the world noob in assays soon!

Daoshai5010d ago

do you mean essays? because I don't think you can put a noob in an assay, well not legally atleast

agentace5010d ago

lol you moan at him for spelling essays wrong but didnt notice he spelt word wrong aswell, what a n00b

ReTarDedFisHy5010d ago

Can't wait to use it in my English class orals or term papers.

PirateThom5010d ago

"Duncan was a noob, he totally got pwned by Macbeth with the knife. I lol'd."

psiom5010d ago

Would be truly amazing one day to see pwn/borked etc make it into the dictory...stuff born out of keyboard typos

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The story is too old to be commented.